Rank up question 4* Science to R5

GQuantaoGQuantao Posts: 198
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Ready to take a 4* to R5
Along with the choices below, a couple other factors: I also have unduped 5* Hulk and unduped 5* Luke Cage, which might be reason not to rank up the 4* Hulk.., and fwiw, I'm not leaning towards spidey

Thoughts and opinions welcome

Rank up question 4* Science to R5 15 votes

Hulk, sig 99
HolyDirkness41Dingalocx23433ItsTheBroski 4 votes
Red Hulk (unduped)
thetaman23shadow_lurker22 2 votes
Quake sig 60
SIlverProfessorxananabananaiR0NLuNGLogangronckiChristian899 5 votes
Spiderman sig 50
Antman! LoL- just kidding
Foxhero007Elitehunter 2 votes
Wait for ......
Sirius111ace930999 2 votes


  • Abracadaver12Abracadaver12 Posts: 24
    Do you need another r5 4 star for aq/aw? if nor wait.
  • GQuantaoGQuantao Posts: 198
    I only have three 4*'s at r5, Ultron, Hyperion and AA. My 5* stable is Dorm, Rogue, Iceman, Hulk, LC, Storm and a few pieces of garbage- All unduped
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