Alliance needs 3

Need 3 members for alliance 100k min, Line required, weekly SA, map 3-4 AQ, aggressive AW. Silver 2 bracket season rewards. Add me on Line Aclark151


  • Aclark151Aclark151 Posts: 112
    Still looking for 12 players. 2 for starters. Going through a rebuilding faze, moved 11 over to a mini alliance until members get to 100k in rating. Have two alliances both use Line app.

    3.5M currently, aggressive on AW, AQ maps 3/4/5. Alliance tags (7378) and (HHBC) which is 500k rating currently. structured alliances trying to advance and build both.
  • Aclark151Aclark151 Posts: 112
    Found a nice bunch that should bring our total alliance to around 5M gonna be short 2 bodies looking for 100k plus. Active, and uses Line app to communicate.

    Need 18 members for lower tier alliance, willing to negotiate a merger. Currently 600k in strength, would rather members be between 35k-50k rating. Add me if you would like to chat on Line. Ave151 thanks
  • Aclark151Aclark151 Posts: 112
    25 strong need 5 bodies for alliance 4.5M, Line required, 100k or stronger. Line me aclark151
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