Medusa Not Reducing Ability Accuracy vs. AQ Map 5 Sentinels

I noticed today while fighting a cosmic sentinel(oid) on AQ Map 5 day 2 that after I got the armor shatter up, the sentinel's analysis charges continued to increase. As far as I know, Medusa's armor shatter is supposed to have a 100% ability accuracy reduction for robots, so sentinels should not be able to gain charges while armor shatter is up. I can provide a video if necessary, but I am having trouble downloading it after sending from my phone at the the moment.

To be clear, when dueling sentinels, they don't gain charges while armor shatter is active, as is it should be. I have only noticed the
armor shatter not working with the sentinel minions in AQ.


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    Please share a video. Nebula is funtioning in a bugged state while in Aq as well. And it’s only happening in Aq.
    Sentinels in aq are not allowing their ability accuracy to be reduced by Nebula or Medusa... I haven’t tested others, but these are both bugged atm

    Also, send support tickets with the video evidence. This is what I was sent after providing video evidence through a support ticket...

    “Thank you for providing us the requested information we asked for. I have watched the video and also passed this information to our Senior Team for further review.

    We cannot guarantee a direct response or changes right away, but they investigate all.

    Our priority to make sure your experience with the game is the best it can. So rest assured they are working to resolve errors like these.

    By not offering you an immediate resolution over this issue, doesn't ease the issue. But, we do everything we can to help our Senior Team with enough information. So that they can conduct a thorough investigation into this matter.

    We encourage you to send in a new case with any new information of the error occurring in the future.

    We at Kabam cannot stress enough how much we appreciate your support and patience. We work daily to make sure that players feel all your questions and concerns are being heard. So please know that you can always reach out to us should you have further inquiries.”
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    I am not able to attach the video here, however, I contacted the support team and attached the video. Hopefully they get it fixed soon. I grinded for medusa mostly for the sentinels.
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