AQ, Sentinels, and Discontent - We need Kabam to communicate


I see interest in the game dropping daily. I see Line recruiting groups running over with alliances looking for a few people up to whole BGs and even half alliances. I'm seeing continued negativity in my own alliance and worse, I'm seeing great players lose their willingness to play and their interest in the game wane.

The game you want and the game your customers want seems to be considerably different since the recent AQ changes and the introduction of Sentinels. You've received an huge outpouring of discontent and suggestive feedback on the forum. Your customers are speaking.

I, on the behalf of myself and a multitude of players, ask that you please provide the community with some additional information regarding your plans to either to stay the same or make changes to AQ (including some sort of time frame). And please do it fast. It's getting bad out here in the multiverse.


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    @Shrimkins I agree. Great game with a few great opportunities to be better. I felt we really needed to address the largest issue first though, so I left out those other things at this time.

    Kabam has had a full AQ of data and have had some time between AQ cycles to process it. They also have a mountain of feedback. We're now 1/2 way through the second one. Ideally it would be great to give them 4-5 AQ cycles to really evaluate things, but that's too long based on the effects it's had on the community already. Or at least that is too long without some communication of a time frame/game plan to give people some hope to hold onto. Right now, the lack of communication has essentially created a black hole that's left the community in limbo. And that is breeding dissatisfaction and disinterest.

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    If it wasn’t a game they wanted them this game wouldn’t exist. They develop it the way they want. Plenty of people do have fun with this game such as myself
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    The game is just flat out work. Everything is a grind, little new stuff to enjoy. I think my days are numbered.
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    There is another forum post about aq and this. Kabam have responded a few times in it. Best post things there.

    P.s. maybe not the answers we want, but at least they posted.
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    If Kabam would communicate with us instead of closing/deleting/stopping threads from bumping to the top of the page, the community would feel a lot better.

    This censorship Kabam thinks is necessary is rediculous and hurting them more than they realize. People have lost faith in their capability and don’t think they are being heard.
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    Hey Summoners,

    We've just posted an update in regards to your feedback on Alliance Quests. This post includes some adjustments to Sentinels and Alliance Quests that will be coming with the next series. Take a look right here:
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