Not getting any rewards from mordo arena

I scored pretty decent score to get good rewards in mordo arena...but end up getting nothing till now...hope kabam fixes this


  • Still have seen no awards from the Mordo arena and I know I scored enough
  • ShayrevoShayrevo Posts: 2
    same here, ranked 2,731 according to the rewards at all :\
  • BigDWSUBigDWSU Posts: 212
    Same problem here
  • BigZuesBigZues Posts: 1
    Same here thought i was the only one.
  • HartbeatHartbeat Posts: 16
    So are we waiting on some difficult mathematical computation to tell you how to give us our rewards? This is a bit sad
  • DLegendDLegend Posts: 745 ★★★
    Well i think kabam has their favourites, thats why we didn't get them. It would be cruel if that happened though.
  • JakobitzJakobitz Posts: 41
    No rewards for me. Getting tired of this. Same thing happened a month ago.
  • I can't believe this still hasn't been fixed.
  • King3711King3711 Posts: 8
    Same here I haven't gotten any rewards and I was 6244.
    In game name: KingTuck24
  • SethcooleySethcooley Posts: 2
    I haven't got mine either
  • LilCarpLilCarp Posts: 1
    I haven't gotten any rewards from Mordo arena. Why is there always something wrong with this game Kabam? Please get it together and fix stuff the way it should be.
  • casper2018casper2018 Posts: 1
    Me parece increíble que tras tantas horas de juego ni siquiera recibamos algún premio de consolación. No todos podemos estar enganchados las 24 horas del día. Por favor Kabam que esto no vuelva a ocurrir, es muy decepcionante.
  • 6.1 mil and no rewards. Kabam sucks!
  • I didn't get any rewards either. Scored 1.5 million. Glad I'm not the only one at least.
  • King3711King3711 Posts: 8
    Will we be getting rewards
  • I have not got mine yet either scored 6mil
  • Reese_barsReese_bars Posts: 1

    Still no rewards
  • ditCdaveditCdave Posts: 35
    I haven't received my Mordo as well. Even though others in my alliance has received there's. And I scored more then they did.
  • Murderbr23Murderbr23 Posts: 38
    Still waiting for rewards. This sux
  • TriizinhoTriizinho Posts: 6
    I done 8 m but till now still no reward to claim..hope Kabam pls fix it in asap
  • projectionist09projectionist09 Posts: 6
    I have same issues.Please fix it.
  • caryyoucaryyou Posts: 1
    edited May 2017

    mine did 7.4m till now never get any reward hope kabam fix it asap
  • LkillzikaLkillzika Posts: 1
    Sempre que acontece um problema não sei vocês mas eu sempre estou no meio, também não recebi os prêmios da arena mordo, segue uma boa parte dos players que receberam, aí vem a kabam e simplesmente e pede desculpas sem nenhum tipo de arrependimento ou comprometimento com seus players.
  • Ironman81Ironman81 Posts: 1
    Haven't receive my rewards yet
  • kratoskratos Posts: 1
    yeah it's incredibly frustrating. I've emailed support and I got a generic reply about rewards are still being given out as the event is still ongoing and this link

    but i pointed out the leaderboard display has already been released so what's the hold up? no one seems to be acknowledging that this is a technical problem. it's very very frustrating! can someone from kabam please address this in the forum and at very least assure us it's being fixed??
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 27,376 ★★★★★
    Miike was just on a while ago. The team is on it. They'll get them out as soon as possible.
  • ditCdaveditCdave Posts: 35
    It's like they know I want to use him in AW and are denying me.
  • DeeparviDeeparvi Posts: 157
    edited May 2017
    Same here... Have raised the tickets also and it's kind off weird that one of my alliance mate received it, but I haven't and I also urge the others in the community to raise the tickets
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