Introducing: Infinity Dungeons! [Updated April 25th]

...If you want to go far, go together.


The might of the Infinity Gauntlet is under Thanos’s control, and with it, he now wields unfathomable power! To quell the chaos and disorder, Thanos has locked the Champions of The Contest away in the underbelly of The Battlerealm in a series of never-ending catacombs. Now, the fate of The Contest, and the hopes of all that dwell within it, are on you, Summoner! Enter the Infinity Dungeons and defeat the Champions that Thanos has imprisoned within them to free their minds of his control!

Infinity Dungeons is a brand new, cooperative, small scale Multiplayer mode arriving April 25th at 4:00pm Pacific Time, and lasting until June 6th at 12:00pm Pacific Time!

Let’s Start with the Basics!

Infinity Dungeons is a brand new mode in the game, and you’ve never seen anything like this in the Contest! While there are multiplayer modes within The Contest, they are fairly large in scale, and require participation from an entire Alliance over hours or days. Infinity Dungeons is a cooperative game mode for you, and one friend, Alliance Member, or stranger to play together quickly. That’s right… You don’t have to be Alliance Mates to play this new mode together!

In Infinity Dungeons, you and a Friend or Alliance Member can pair up, select your team, and face off against Rooms of randomly generated Enemies and Buffs whose difficulty will increase infinitely! Get through as many Rooms with your partner as you can, but make sure you can take on the next Room before you commit, otherwise you’ll lose out on some major rewards!

What kind of rewards? Infinity Dungeons are your go to place for Dark Artifacts! Score points in Infinity Dungeons to hit daily milestones that grant you Dark Artifacts that you can exchange for Special Crystals! You’ll also be scoring Gold for every Room that you finish, and Gold and Infinity Dust in the Milestones. You’ll be able to find Infinity Dust during next month’s special event, and redeem it in the special Event store for a variety of resources! More information on Infinity Dust, and where to get it, will be coming your way next week!


Get Ready to Rumble!

Infinity Dungeons will pit you and your partner against an endless supply of timed dungeon rooms. Each of these rooms will start with a branching path, one for each of you, on that path, you will find 2 possible encounters that link to the Miniboss on your friend’s side. It’s up to you to take down the linked node that you think will aid your partner in their fight. But beware Summoner! Some of these Buffs are brand new, and unlike anything we’ve done before!

After you’ve cleared a Miniboss, you’ll be able to take on the Boss of the Room. In Difficulties 3-6, If both Minibosses have been defeated, the final boss will use a node that will degenerate their health by 3% per second, and will heal your character for every hit you land on them, making them an excellent way to heal up before heading to the next room! However, if only one Miniboss was defeated before you decide to take on the final boss, leaving one Linked Node still active, you’re gonna have a bad time, and your health will be the one to degenerate! This will take the fight from a light bonus that can provide you with health, to a much more difficult fight!

You’ll only have 12 minutes and 30 seconds to clear each room, so don’t dawdle!


Everyday, the Infinity Dungeons will feature 2 classes. These classes will determine what Champions you’ll find in the Dungeons that day. Each half of the map will feature only one class, and the Boss will be randomly selected from one of those two classes. While the Buffs are random like those found in MODOK’s Lab, these Buffs are not able to be rerolled. Before you worry too much, you’ll never be up against more than one of those Buffs at once (unless you’re on Difficulty #6, the hardest difficulty available, which will feature 2 of them).


Moving On!

After you’ve defeated the Boss of the Room, both Summoners will be presented with a choice to either Quit your Current Dungeons Session, or to move on to the next Room. Both Summoners must agree to move to the next room in order for the pair to progress forward.

Every room you complete grants you points for the Infinity Dungeon. These points are guaranteed, but completing more rooms in the Dungeon will give you bonus points that you can claim when you conclude your Dungeon session!

When you complete a Dungeon, you can see how many points you are guaranteed if you keep going, but also the potential amount you can earn, including your bonus points, if you keep going.


If you plan on healing up before you take on the next Encounter, remember that your Quest and Alliance Potions will not be usable in Dungeons. Infinity Dungeons will use mode specific Potions and Revives. You’ll be able to find Dungeon Revives in 3-Day Alliance Event Milestones, and Dungeons Potions have a small chance of dropping when you beat an enemy in a Dungeon. We will also be including a small amount of Dungeons Items in a welcome message when Dungeons launches.

Cashing Out

Once you and your Partner are satisfied with the progress you have made (or one of you has to go make dinner or something), you’ll want to choose to claim your rewards and exit. The bonus points you earn can only be claimed by concluding your Dungeon session. If you’re unable to complete a Dungeon room you have entered, you will still walk away with all of the points you’ve earned for Room Completion. You can do this by hitting the “Conclude Dungeon” button on the Room Completed Screen.


If you’re not ready to call it quits, and decide to take on the next Room, but fail to be able to clear it, you won’t receive as many points as you would have had your team concluded your dungeons sessions of your own volition.


EDIT: This post originally stated this event ends of June 4th, instead of June 6th
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