9M Alliance looking for team player

Hello all! We are a 9M Alliance, MR616, and we are looking for a active and cooperative player to fight for the Next AW Season.

About us:

1. Alliance rating 9.5M;
2. AW rating Around 1100; Tier 11, Silver 1 in last season (We didn't full forced, but we are ready in next season);
3. AQ : 5 5 4 4 2
4. Donation : Gold 75K, Loyalty 5.5K, BC 9K
5. Line app for communications
6. Time Zone : We have players from various countries, i.e. US, UK, ANZ, SG, India & HK, etc.

What we need from you:

1. Active, Positive, Cooperative, willing to participate discussion but keep the group harmony
2. With at least 5 champs 50/50 or 45/45.
3. Able to communicate in Line App
4. Prestige : No requirement
4. Rating : No requirement
5. Time Zone : No requirement

If you have interest, please add me in line / in game

Line id : alson_ay
In game : AlsonAY


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