Strongest team doesn’t improve after upgraded top5 players

My strongest team hasn’t improved after I have upgraded 2 of my top five players. Is this a bug?


  • Carmel1Carmel1 Posts: 242
    you need to use this team first (and then wait few minutes for the leader-board to refresh)
  • I did and it’s still showing my old score. I replaced my 5th strongest champ that was rated 4171, with a champ that is now rated 4881.
  • Strongest team is also affected by synergies. If you only replaced your fifth strongest, maybe there was a different team where another champ provides synergies that raise the total. In other words, maybe that team was not your strongest team.
  • I understand, but now I’ve upgraded a new champ to be my best champ and my score still didn’t improve
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