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Best way to obtain iso

Mcord117Mcord117 Posts: 1,287 ★★★★
Been a long time since I had to worry about this but I took 2 5* champs to rank 4 this month and leveled up a 6* and now my magik is sitting at 4/35 with no iso in inventory.

I figured now would be as good as anytime to explore more of 5.4 but after clearing 2 paths in 5.4.2 I only managed to get enough iso to go up 2 levels.

What is the most time effective way of obtaining iso, outside of duping a 4* or 5*? Opinions welcomed


  • Maybe someone else can shine a light on this, but I've only run into this a few times. I started autofighting beginner and normal not specifically for ISO, but between the ISO and gold, it provided enough incentive. Theres a youtube video somewhere I couldn't find that points out a specific quest for it. Otherwise, arena milestones and get those phc for dupes
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