Mystic dispersion?

Was wondering if all unduped hood, gully or memphisto benefit from this mastery? Only have enough for 2 points. Is it worth it? Thanks yall


  • AWfocusedAWfocused Posts: 131
    They all benefit from MD, but I would only go for it if you can unlock 4/5 MD points. 1-3 points sucks, 4 is perfect, 5 is too much + expensive.

    4 points in MD will help your Mystic champs become better defenders, but honestly I wouldn’t take on MD just for that since there’s so many blades out there destroying Mystic Defenders.

    If you ever get a Magik, Dormmamu, MorningStar, or some other cool Mystic champ, then you can go for 4/5 MD points and tear 💩 up.
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