Dungeon Bug

Today I was playing dungeon with my friend. We reached room 3 in dungeon 3. I defeated the boss. I was waiting for my friend to continue but he told me he can still see the boss alive and can't advance. The dungeon ended and our Champs got locked. @Kabam Miike plz check this bug.


  • NanaPokuNanaPoku Posts: 44
    Same thing happened to me. Restarting the app before the timer runs out, fixed it
  • Has happened to me a couple of times so far. If you leave the room, and return, it fixes it
  • @NanaPoku didn't worked for us
  • CanarioCanario Posts: 151
    Happend to me many times,i just go into the place that says social then dungeon invites and press enter dungeon and that fixes it for me.
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