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What keeps you playing the game?

I just wanted to ask the community what keeps them playing the game? For me it's the promise of updated gameplay, opportunities of obtaining new champions, and clearing new event quests. I've recently joined an alliance that actually works towards rewards and I have to say, it was like a breath of fresh air. The rewards are quite nice. But that's enough from me, I want to hear your thoughts now!


  • MhykkeMhykke Posts: 426 ★★★
    The groupies.
  • AlCapone2727AlCapone2727 Posts: 428 ★★
    Pushing to do LoL. But I feel left behind without cash or a viable champ. LoL2 will come out and I won't be caught up
  • GSTAR21GSTAR21 Posts: 168
    I'm in it for the memes.
  • MarzGrooveMarzGroove Posts: 903 ★★★
    If your answer isn’t “because it’s fun”, then you are doing life wrong.
  • Honestly, if it wasn't for my alliance mates, I probably would've quit by now. I enjoy playing, but not enough to do the ridiculous grind required to rank up champs. They need to replace the collector-free-for-all each week with a gold realm. They need to update AQ more often. They need to stop pretending they are doing anything for us by gifting us 2* - they are worthless. Give us a decent chance at 4* and 5* from the grandmaster and featured grandmaster crystals. If I had something like a 20% chance of getting the featured champ, I might actually buy those featured crystals on occasion. As it is now, I just scroll past them. And 15000 units for 5* OG Vision?! Cut that kind of **** out.
  • EnderDraco58EnderDraco58 Posts: 957 ★★
    The EQ's are fun. Just the fact that they revolve around the movies and the comics keeps them exciting.
  • Dexman1349Dexman1349 Posts: 3,060 ★★★★★
    I just like the Marvel Universe. It's fun seeing the various matchups and I enjoy the new characters (although I would prefer to see some of the original main champs get refreshed before adding more obscure ones). However, you can only beat up spidergwen so many times before it gets stale.

    I quit the grind and joined a retirement ally where we just play when we want. Makes it a little more enjoyable, but there will always be that nagging feeling that I'm falling behind because I'm not in the AQ/AW scramble.

    I doubt I'll be playing much longer. As the PI of the opponent goes up, the ability to "fight through" the bugs goes down. Basically means all end-game stuff is off limits. I don't even want to try Act 5.4 because of it. Combine that with the never-ending stream of bad 5* pulls means that being able to raise my prestige to unlock these higher level rewards is a pipe dream.
  • GSTAR21GSTAR21 Posts: 168
    There's not much keeping me or my fiancee in this game to be honest. We both run high-end devices (both Android) and the performance is just getting ridiculous. Bugs are one thing, complete unresponsiveness of your device in the middle of a combo is another. Kabam don't listen, they don't offer compensation for their bugs and they don't offer a way to run the game at a lower graphical level for better performance (a feature I have suggested many times).

    I was planning to finish up 100%ing Act 5 but I went to do a path of 5.4.1 a few days ago and towards the end of a path I lost 3 people due to my last medium in the combo taking too long to happen and not connecting, leaving me defenceless. Until this game is more stable I'm debating going solo and just logging in until there is either something interesting or the game is stable.
  • JokepoolJokepool Posts: 403
    Its fun and with the dungeons now it got a lot better
    Kabam just need to improve it
  • BahamutBahamut Posts: 2,307 ★★★★
    I’ve been playing for too long to just drop it. I’m hoping things will get better.
  • Sac123_Sac123_ Posts: 258
    Not much anymore, to be honest...

    It's more than likely because I'm in denial about the fact that I sank this much time and money into a game that seems to be progressively getting worse, that is developed by a company that has terrible communication skills and treats its paying customers like garbage..

    Pretty much this exactly. That and I think it's somewhat fun still. Oh and my entire family plays and I am close with my alliance members
  • Mr_PlatypusMr_Platypus Posts: 2,686 ★★★★★
    The story (yes I actually sit and read the dialogue in each EQ), new champs, and I’m invested.
  • chev327foxchev327fox Posts: 826 ★★
    I am a collector and I have OCD so this game really has me with the collection resources and upgrading my champs. That is the game and it is what really has most of us hooked in one way or another.

    That being said the T4CC has been a wall for far too long and if I cannot break through it too I am going to stop playing (and that means no more $ too, though I only buy small er $5/$10 offers when they are a super good deal or are a decent deal and has exactly what I need).

    I am at a skill cap already. I will never be a perfect player like some of these guys... but I am pretty darn good. My only issue now is my champs... I have only a single Rank 5 4* and no Rank 3 5*. If I can just rank 3 two of my 5*s I can FINALLY become uncollected without much fuss... but that is a big if. I will be able to get around 3 T4CC Crystals... I cannot use Cosmic nor Tech (so if get only those I will quit... I will honestly just drop the game as I am tired of not being able to progress).
  • RichiesDad79RichiesDad79 Posts: 972 ★★★
    Since 100%ing act 4, i play quite a bit less. Not sure why. I used to grind arena, but all I ever care to try for is the basic, and the last few have been guys I have duped so I see no point. Just AQ, AS and whatever events is I feel like lately.
  • Speeds80Speeds80 Posts: 1,889 ★★★★
    The hope that they fix the gameplay bugs. What I would give for swipe backs and blocks to be reliable again
  • penvro56378penvro56378 Posts: 186
    Aw I'm addicted to it
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