Drastically reduced rewards for this months EQ(RESOLVED)

Zayo_278Zayo_278 Posts: 264
edited May 2018 in General Discussion
Unlike other months Event quest, we would be getting zero 5* shards from heroic and only 900 5* shards from master. The rationale is that the infinity dust thing should make up for the missing 5* shards. That is incredibly stupid considering the fact that people would choose to use their infinity dust for other things not just 5* shards. Why reduce the rewards? Who the hell asked for infinity dust? Just give us our 5* shards and take your infinity dust!

PS apparently the rewards are there but are not displayed. Ok


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    DarthnoxDarthnox Posts: 7
    i think one of the mods addressed this already. they are there you just cant see them
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    EdNortonEdNorton Posts: 10
    Rewards are the same but not everything can be shown on screen.
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