LF active summonrs for expert tier, 5x5, AW Gold 3

With seasons starting, we had a group of players look for homes that fit their needs. Trying to fill up before AQ starts tomorrow! We stay in expert tier, map 5x5 all BGs. Looking for as many as a full BG, so if you have a group of players looking to step down (after AW season 1, experiencing a little burn out) or looking to step up (because your other ally is a mix of active/inactive guys) hit me up! You can message me on here, or via line (abn86).

** Rating wise, would prefer over 250k, prestige around 4 - 4.5k.


  • abn86abn86 Posts: 67
    7 spots still open. AQ starts today!! If you're looking for expert tier, 5x5 100% hit me up!
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