Need 2-3 more summoners with rating 500K-750K or higher. If 250K-500K, please read too.

After a very strenuous recruiting campaign over the past several days, our ranks have been filled. There will be turnover among the recruits that I have found. Some will leave, some will be kicked. We always have a spot for anyone willing to show that they can be a key contributor to the success and progress of their alliance. What I’m looking for to complete our final phase of complete and total world domination is a couple or a few go to independent contractors who can successfully complete key tasks for me, examples: bringing me the head of any boss who dares go to War with the Mobb, taking out nuisance mini-bosses and bosses that I send you on quests with the rest of the alliance to incorporate the gold and other resources that they think they can hide from our organization, and basically just killing whoever I tell you to kill. If you’re capable of the tasks at hand, we have a place for you in the family. You will be paid accordingly based on your credentials. Sure you can be a member of another crew, but beware of them robbing you blindly making you pay tribute and requiring you to be on call like a dog. We have none of that here. Everyone is their own boss and controls their own destiny when they decide to choose this life that we live after proving you are a made member. Do you really want to be a member of an alliance that is a dime a dozen, that has a thousand other alliances that are the exact same? Then be my guest, because that’s all I ever see people offering here when they are asking you to join them. If not, then search alliances for Fixit Crime Syndicate and read the alliance description. None of that non-sense 5x5, 125K donations, AW tier3, descriptions that every alliance and their mom has in their descriptions. Are you buying a new car or are you looking for an alliance? How are you supposed to find the perfect alliance for you when they’re all the same? Here’s how:

P.S. Can you kill an AW Boss with 2 mini-boss links still up? We can and we are looking for REAL boss killers to join us and reap the rewards of having total dominance in warfare against any alliance who dares to stand in our way.


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