Getting punched through blocks... why is this still happening?



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    This happens a ton in war! Really like it when it happens and you get stunned due to the war nodes. But this is a solid money maker for Kabam. Nothing to see here just move along.
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    @addisonbassist i do not think you will get a reply, you should ask for a money offer
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    Can we please please please have some kind of indication that y'all are actually trying to fix this other than your "Lag" post?!

    I have done the last path of the Challenge this month more times than I can even remember. (At least 30) And no matter what at some point for days now my champs just stop responding. I can go through an entire fight without getting hit. But when it comes to using a TON of resources to combat your, dropped blocks, attacks not registering, to even registering the complete opposite bs!!! I can't take it anymore!!!

    9 MONTHS this has been going and it took that long for y'all to even make a forum post to take more clear information on these HUGE CORE ISSUES!!! Years of playing this and never ever ever have I had such a problem with controlling my champs. Even when I had a p.o.s. phone that only had enough memory for this game!

    So, more ways to get resources?? Or maybe even a more formal apology from y'all for these issues/what you're doing to fix this problem with the core of the game? Maybe try actually reaching out to the community more to actually put some "investigating" work into this issue? Or do you just not care enough about these core problems to even put forth that effort? Or even admittance to doing this and leaving this a problem for more $$$?!

    Whatever it is this needs to be addressed and added to your "known issues" for sure. Stop sweeping it under the rug for $$... makes me sick to put so much time into this game for the company to not care as much as we do...

    In August of 2017 all this started and NOTHING has been done or changed, and seems to only be getting worse and worse! If you can't figure it out, where's the compensation till u can? If you're game is just going to be permanently broken due to "lag" too, please let me know so I don't waste another 3 years!
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    It happens to me multiple times daily. Very upsetting.
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    Who keeps going through and flagging everyone who apparently doesn't agree with their POV? Just because they dont agree with you doesn't mean they should ull led be flagged.
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    Happened to me in war and Aq..
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    Been happening on all kinds of device's, all kinds of operating systems, all kinds of versions, all kinds of models and with all kinds of champions against all kinds of champions.

    I Honestly don't understand how the hell this is still going on after all this time and why they just seem to not to acknowledge all of it or even properly address it.

    Despite the fact that we've given them plenty of information, screenshots, pictures, videos and reports telling them and showing them that it's been a problem for a very long time now.

    Only for them to ignore us or in some cases silence us and ignore all the evidence that proves their game is a broken mess most of the time and it makes you wonder just why it hasn't been fixed yet despite all of the evidence and money we give them.

    Honestly I'm kinda getting tired of it or other issues with controls that plague this game, for instance.

    I'm holding block because a normal attack or special is coming and I block it, only for it to somehow go through it for no reason, they also should not just randomly drop them for no reason.

    It makes you wonder just what is going on and wonder if all of this is intentional when you consider lots of other things that have been going on over the years.

    I get that this is negative but it's not intend to start anything nor is it a rant it's just stating my thoughts on this, this game has lots of problems and some of hese problems have been going on for awhile now.

    With little to no resoultion it kinda is making this game frustrating instead of fun and really really buggy instead what it should be.

    It should be a smooth game well funded game with fluid controls that react to what we do, the servers should be stable with only little buggs and issues and not makes us long for the olden days.
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    we need an update on this
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    OP: if you've been playing over the last year that you say this "bug" has been occurring, you've no doubt noticed that even if you're physically landing a hit, the AI with an opponent with a greater challenge rating (in this instance 4 vs 6), in the millisecond after you've committed to the attack and visually the frames are just touching, the opponent triggers their special and **** your champ animation. It's inelegant and obnoxious, but simply put the graphic representation of the fight often doesn't match the actual game commands. Similarly if the ai triggers an attack a millisecond before you get your block up, visually you'll see the attack break your block. It's annoying, but it clearly isn't something that's going away.
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    we need an update on this

    Highly doubt we will get an update. I was in a 48 page thread regarding these issues and many more. Never once was there a response. Only response given was the girl moderator which can’t remember name, closing thread saying it got to long. Well duh when issues are always ignored we aren’t going to shut up about it.
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    Device and Model: Honor 8 Pro DUK-L09
    Device Operating System: Android 8.0.0
    Cellular or WiFi: Cellular
    Game Version Installed: 18.0.1
    Game Mode: Event Quest, Alliance Quest

    1. Game lagging graphically, not network
    2. Block dropping in middle of combo. Sometimes not responding
    3. Unintended dash forward
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    It is quite clear to me that what you see on screen isn't always what the game is doing behind the scenes. Hitting through block could be an example of this. The best example I can think of is when your hit passes through your opponent, meaning that they've started a special, but the screen is yet to show any indication that this is happening, i.e. the screen hasn't darkened and their attack animation hasn't initiated.

    I don't want to derail the thread, but the OP has hit on a good point. Even if he missed or dropped the block, on screen it never dropped.
  • Hey everyone, I’m really sorry to hear you're experiencing these issues! The Game Team are constantly trying to make improvements to the game's performance, and they review and investigate any issues reported here in the Forums as well as bug reports which are submitted directly to our Support team.

    In an effort to help keep everyone's comments about performance issues more organized, we have created two new threads. If you're playing the game on an Android device, please give us your feedback by providing the information we have requested HERE. If you're an iOS user, please provide the information we have requested in THIS thread.

    Thank you all very much in advance for your help!
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