Buff old characters or remove them from the 5* pool

@Kabam Miike Can we please have a revamp of some of the old characters already!
Please add just one new character to the game every month and revamp one of the old duds... or 2 new characters a month but revamp 1 dud every other month or something. The least you can do is remove these characters from the 5* pool as there is a huge gap between a x-23 and a she hulk....not even referring to the blades or stark spideys... And as someone who is on a streak of collecting all of these duds, it makes the game a lot less enjoyable.

Loved the changes made to red hulk and luke cage, in fact i ended up taking up red hulk to r4 and i'm eager to rank up luke cage as well. Please do the same for other characters as well.

Have a look at the image and see why these characters are so meh...it might have been ok back in the days but the game has moved on and so should these characters....4ik0urgbnehe.jpg

Need buffs:
Hulk buster
iron patriot
Netflix DD (why is he even in the game?)
red cyclops
kamala khan
might be missing a few more


  • StavelotXoteStavelotXote Posts: 231
    Vulture needs his sp1 and sp2 effects switched around and he would be good

    Blue cyclops (give one cyclops incineration ability and the other concussion. Give actually strong specials and usable armor break duration.)

    Magneto (both - and actually make them different)

    OML (horrible champ lol. Make his buffs passive and I could at least tolerate him somewhat)

    Venom (5-buff limit is laughable at this point)

    Carnage (flimsy like wet paper. Occasionally cool when set up properly for sick damage but you're usually almost dead by then)

    DS (restore old buff strengths, improve life steal even if not to old levels)

    Antman just needs to be what he was when willpower was horrible for him but his poison actually did something. It's laughable now. The ants throw a tickle party.

    Joe Fixit (should be like science starlord or something fun, change combo based crit rate buff to attack increase, change health loss buff to crit damage increase). He plays dirty. Let him actually do it.

    Do something to make Danvers Marvels different. Then make the lightning bolt one as a 5* bc that costume is better

    Guillotine could use something that makes her decent in long fights. Souls are on but she needs something else. This is the "hero" you guys made and MS is way superior lol

    That's all I can think of atm

    Also kabam, if you want to give me a void, I can make some suggestions after I test him out. OK I know he is good but I want one so be kind to my account pulls tomorrow pls :-)
  • CuteshelfCuteshelf Posts: 747 ★★★
    I’d firstly fix carnage. Kabam hates him so much they can’t even add him to the forum portraits.
    Give him regen, some kind of evasion or ability reduction, improve his health/survivability and make his bleeds do something.

    Then I’d fix groot. Make his damage buffs stack differently or be able to be triggered by the player when they want them. Increase his damage and his regen.

    Gambit. Make his charges stack differently. Maybe holding block charges them as it does but then maybe L1/L2/L3 adds 2-5 charges or just make all charges take the same time to charge and not be interrupted by block and remove the fold effect.
    Gambit can be amazing but his abilities are clunky as all heck.

    Spidergwen needs something. Even if it’s just rolling her 2 nodes into one.

    Cyke (both champs), magneto(both champs), antman needs a damage boost (in the form of poison imo),

    Iron fist needs a huge buff. Make his damAge in-line wuth what it was pre-12.0. Make his nullify effect all buffs, even if it’s just one at a time.
    Maybe add some for of charge up Chi fist ability.
    possibly add some form of power control.

    Colossus make him a true defender. Maybe a shrug off ability that turns debuffs into armour ups.
  • Cartoon217Cartoon217 Posts: 18
    completely forgot about magneto and old man logan!
    Guess i'll get them soon!
  • TheHoodedDormammuTheHoodedDormammu Posts: 1,392 ★★★
    Also need to buff Iron Fist
    Also agree with @StavelotXote about Guillotine being useful in long fights
  • Jh_DezJh_Dez Posts: 1,251 ★★★
    I feel a good buff for carnage would be to take his bleed away
    Then replace with

    60% chance to score a deep wound on a critical hit dealing 400 damage instantly.

    Whenever he strikes a deep wound gains 5% power instantly
  • Nabz034Nabz034 Posts: 204 ★★
    Gamora needs the biggest buff, especially with her being included as a 6* of all ranks.

    She has a good sig, but can only use it once per fight??? Cmon now.

    Her bleed ability as a 6* is ridiculously low, and she has nothing outside of her Assasination ability which again, once per fight.

    Idk, just seems like a cruel joke to include her in a crystal that takes some summoners 6 months to a year to save up for.
  • Jimmy_Utah83Jimmy_Utah83 Posts: 246
    Add DPXF to that list.
  • Nabz034Nabz034 Posts: 204 ★★
    Add DPXF to that list.

    At he has like a continuous bleed effect
  • Nabz034Nabz034 Posts: 204 ★★
    Spidergwen would be better if her S1 actually attacked the player.
  • Nabz034Nabz034 Posts: 204 ★★
    Almost all the champs from the introduction of the game need to be made over...

    I’m not talking about BW, Magik, Wolverine, etc...

    I am talking about Gamora, Collousus, Cyclops, etc...

    Like most Champs have a niche, Daredevil evades, Wolverine heals, Spider-Man evades, gotta give us something especially if the character is gonna he a 5* or 6*.
  • And kabam should also not nerf trash champs that become great with synergies like when Loki got nerfed.
  • DrZolaDrZola Posts: 4,736 ★★★★★
    As a compromise, I would just like to limit all champions to an abilities description of 300 words or less.

    Dr. Zola
  • Jimmy_Utah83Jimmy_Utah83 Posts: 246
    Nabz034 wrote: »
    Add DPXF to that list.

    At he has like a continuous bleed effect

    When duped. He’s trash and needs a rework

  • cx234333cx234333 Posts: 111
    just make a separate crystal for champs released before 2016
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