4* Hela to rank 5?

Hello all,
Should I rank Hela (awakend) to rank 5? I absolutly love her character in general, but is she worth rank 5?


  • DizzyDizzy Posts: 216
    My personal opinion: if you love her, take her to R5. I took my 5* to R3 without thinking twice (also had 4* Medusa and Hyperion as options). She’s one of the hardest hitters in the game with the right ramp-up (or synergy team), and I use her exclusively to farm ROL potions and practice for LOL.

    Most others will say “who else do you have and where are you in your progression” but if having her as an R5 gets you excited to play the game, it’ll help you progress in some way or another.
  • Starscean98Starscean98 Posts: 92
    She hits pretty damn hard. Stack up 2 furys and your attack doubles not to forget the high crit rate and damage. Imo she can rival starlord in damage output. So she is good in all them big fights untill you have starlord in your arsenal.
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