why aren't corvus glaive and proxima midnight #villain

same as title


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    Blade. Havnt had a single new villain since February 2w
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    Their tag is Thanos Army instead of villain. I'm sure Blade has something to do with it and how they were portrayed in the movie. They aren't very good defenders either way.
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    It will be “bad guy” tag instead of villains for villains from now on. Thanos army? We are apart of historical mobile gaming. I can see the documentary on network tv now. There was no regulation at the!)
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    Corvus Glaive is my hero.
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    Ever heard of mercenaries?
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    The tags seem a little inconsistent. Most follow a pattern, but certain champs deviate from this pattern.

    What kind of champ is it? Raw Damage. Damage over time. Control: Denial. Dimensional Being. Metal. Robot. Etc.

    Affiliations...what teams are you on? Guardians of the Galaxy. X-Force. Avengers. Heroes for Hire. Mercenary. Thanos Army. Villain of the Contest. Etc.

    Alignment..are you good or bad? Hero. Villain.

    MOST champs have tags that classify them by these 3 criteria. I don't have a comprehensive list, but every champ that I've checked has something pertaining to the first category letting players know what kind of champ it is and what kind of play style to expect.

    The next two are a little inconsistent. For affiliations, there are a few champs who literally have not belonged to any team. This includes Guillotine and Punisher 2099...champions who have relatively little presence in comics prior to the game. Then there's someone like Dormammu who has a pretty rich comic history but it so powerful in the comics that he's never really needed to be on a team. All this is to point out that there are valid reasons why a champ has no affiliations tag.

    For the last criteria, there are very few champs before Sabretooth who did not either have #Hero or #Villain tags. In this game, the two tags seem to be mutually exclusive; you're either one or the other but you can't be both. Moon Knight doesn't have one of these tags(which is weird because in all other media he is classified as a hero), though he does have the Mercenary tag. Same with Yondu and Nebula. However, being a Mercenary doesn't keep you from being either a Hero or a Villain as evidenced by Taskmaster who basically epitomizes the term "Mercenary". He will literally work for anyone willing to pay him. He's been hired to fight heroes like the Avengers before, but it's always been a job. He's also been hired by the U.S. government to train superheroes. However, he's tagged as a Villain. Go figure.

    I'm sure there are others who break the mold, but I don't have a full list of tags (though it would be interesting to see one). For my money Sabretooth is the biggest offender of this as he's not tagged as a villain despite being a villain in every sense of the word...far more so than a mercenary, which has already been established as a tag that doesn't preclude him from being a villain. Juggernaut has WAY more instances of using his powers for money than Sabretooth ever did, yet Juggs is labeled as a Villain, not a mercenary.

    Proxima and Corvus fall into this category too. If Thanos is a villain and they are working with him and willingly doing his bidding, then they too are villains. Besides, if they are mercenaries, are you telling me that if Thanos didn't pay them that they'd abandon him? I don't think so. The Black Order are extreme Thanos loyalists and are not just in it for the money.

    But as others have said, logic didn't dictate their tags; a sense of balance in the eyes of the developers did. They wanted to introduce more evil champs into the game but didn't want Blade, the widely-regarded most powerful champ in the game, to be able to have a huge edge over them. As long as Blade's synergy with Ghost Rider exists, expect more tags that deviate from character history in favor in-game balance. I only wish Kabam would come clean about it.
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    Its a way to nurf blade
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    Well.. no one paid attention to these tags before Blade was released.
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    Thanos Army is affiliation. Doesn't mean they're good or bad. If they're not villains should come along "Mercenary" tag.

    They aren't Mercenaries. They aren't doing what they do for money.
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    Thanos Army is affiliation. Doesn't mean they're good or bad. If they're not villains should come along "Mercenary" tag.

    They aren't Mercenaries. They aren't doing what they do for money.

    They’re doing it for Thanos’ favour and praise
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    Help, I Need Somebody

    I'm not happy here, and to be honest I haven't been in awhile. While I'm sure many of you are going to jump to saying, "Well if you don't want to be here, then you aren't wanted here", but just hear me out.

    The End of Times?

    I really feel like this could be leading to the end of contest of champions. So far, this year's in game offers have been terrible. The have taken what were great offers in the past, taken away most of what made those offers worthwhile, and made them more expensive.

    I Need An Energy Drink

    In December they said hey, "We know things are going to cost a lot of energy this month, so let's make some of our quests free of charge". Now if I want to complete all the event quest, still get some story in, and play catalyst quests I would have to play every day and wake up early to do it without spending money or units on energy.

    Kabam Is Your Family Now. Kabam Is Life

    Kabam has no comprehension of work life balance. I have family, friends, and a job i want to prioritze, and play this gane in my free time. And on that note, This game isn't supposed to be work, it's supposed to be fun and enjoyable. Yet, for some reason, Kabam keeps making the game more time consuming and harder to play.

    Lost In The Dungeons

    The dungeons may have been the real last straw. I have been trying to so everything I could to break the barrier and smash through the current wall I'm hitting in the game where I can't really progress until I get at least 1 God tier 5 star. I, like many people, thought that dungeons would be the answer to that problem. We thought we could get a chance to work hard and win valuable 5 stars that would finally shift the game for us, and then they take that away with the stupid little prestige loophole.

    What Is This Games Drop Rate on Being Worth It?

    I'm sick and tired of working my butt off for a 2.5% at something that will make this game worth it. While some people are lucky and get everything they need to beat Road to the Labyrinth in a couple months, Some people like me have been playing for 2 years and still haven't gotten that lucky break.

    Kabam Just Doesn't Care About Us?

    It's really starting to feel that way. While it was nice that they finally listened to the players and decreased the difficulty of the sentinels, it doesn't change the fact that their initial reactions were, "No, you're wrong. Sentinels aren't harder, you just need to get better". Even with that fix, things in the game are still broken and unfair, and they don't seem to care at all. These are some of the reasons why I want to quit. I still am up in the air and I'm hopeful things will get better, but I'm not optimistic about it.
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    Can you give any specific examples of the offers you're talking about? What were the great offers in the past? How much did they cost? Which offers did they strip down and make more expensive? How much did they cost? Not saying you're wrong, I just want to know more specifics of what you're referring to. Such feedback could help Kabam put out more interesting offers as well.

    Personally, I feel like people rely too heavily on what are perceived to be "God Tier" champs. On my second account, I was able to clear Road to Labyrinth after a couple of months as you said, but I definitely didn't have any 5* "God Tier" champs. I had some good champs, sure, but they were at 4/40. Star Lord, Guillotine, and X-23 did most of the heavy lifting with a few 3/30's for a few of the more specialized fights.

    What mattered more than having the right champs or upgrade materials was just having solid knowledge of game mechanics. I wasn't able to simply overpower them, so I had to find another way. It'll come with time. The benefit is that the longer you wait, the more options you'll have to complete content as new champs with new abilities are introduced. Consider Realm of Legends Wolverine. It used to be the only 2 viable solutions to that guy were Guillotine or duped Starlord. Now with upgrade material being far more abundant than it used to be (t4cc) and lots of new champs, there are at least a dozen champs who could conceivably deal with ROL Wolverine.

    There is definitely luck involved in this game...no argument there. But it would have to be some uncannily terrible luck to actually prevent you from completing content after 2 years of playing. For me, figuring out how to take down some of the most challenging content without some of the top tier champs is a big component of the fun of this game.
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    Why yall writing essays on this subject? For like one character who’s already too powerful to be a tiny bit better?
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    Thanos would be more of a Villain than his drones.
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    They should both be villains (also ST) so basically the tagging system is broken. Not even that many interactions either and they managed to completely ruin it because of one champ/synergy.
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    edited May 2018
    Not this again,It's all about perspective,right?A Villian may see himself as a hero,A hero sees himself as a Villain
    You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.
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    Fuzzylumps wrote: »
    AxeCopFire wrote: »
    Thanks for starting the 10th thread about this same topic. The forum really needed one more.

    Did you complain on all 10 at least ?

    Probably,He is a cop.
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    xNig wrote: »
    Well.. no one paid attention to these tags before Blade was released.

    U are very much incorrect. People started to pay attention since magneto entered the contest because of the "metal" tag...allowing him to reduce their opponents abilities

    Not as much as now.
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