5 month player with 6 4*s - what should I do with Infinity dust?

Right now I have 6 4*s - none awakened.

I have enough dust to get another 4* (I have 1.2m dust), but have gone as far as I can probably go with respect to Infinity Nightmare (100% completion of beginner, normal, heroic), so I'm reliant on the dailies now and probably won't get another big chunk (I don't have time to do the dungeons).

So it's either two 4* awakening, another 4*, or 2 or 2.5k 5* shards (I currently need about 4k 5* shards for my 1st 5*).



  • You can only get one awakening anyway.

    You didn’t list any of the four stars you have, so I’m gonna give you a generic answer and say t4cc crystal.
  • tezratezra Posts: 5
    Ah, right, sorry - I didn't realize I could only get 1! Thank you for the responses!

    My 4*s are :


    I think that's what I'll do then - get a 4* awakening and then the t4cc.
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    Get the 4* awakening gem and use it on either Hyperion or Iceman. If you get a different class wait until you get as god tier of that specific class to upgrade it. I would personally wait until you obtain Wolverine, Vision, or Scarlet Witch to use that 4* awakening gem because they can't be obtained as 5*s. For skill wait for Blade of course. If you obtain tech wait for Star Lord, Stark Spidey, or Vision and so on. Be really smart about it. You won't obtain another 4* awakening for a WHILE given your progress in the game. With the rest of the dust try to obtain a Tier 4 Class Catalyst because they are the hardest thing for you to obtain right now (not counting tier 2 alphas). With the rest of the dust you decide on what to use it on. Good luck.
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    Very helpful, thank you, @ItsTheBroski. Sadly, got a skill :D, so I'll just wait for Blade.
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