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CodornasCodornas Posts: 542 ★★
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Jesus!! Since last updates game has been crashing too much, im tired of being robbed of 50% HP, having to waste potions on heroes who did not take any damage and because of YOUR FAULT! Its happening too often in all game modes, but in AQ, AW and dungeons the fight is not restored and i m robbed of 50% hp

We lost a war because of this, we lost cause of 40 points. Guess what? My game crashed when loading a fight and made me lose an atack bonus (80 points). And i still finished with all 3 chars alive (i do buffet line). Seriouslly im fed up with this, we aint getting any compensation, seems like they re turning a blind eye into this matter for their benefit.

Also why it only happens when loading a fight?? Is it on purpouse to screw us? Cause in game menu it never crashes.
It cant be happening just with me

And sorry about the tone, im just sick and tired of this


  • SeetheevilSeetheevil Posts: 66
    kabam cant be sure that you would win the war if the game hadnt crushed so stop crying man.
    Crying is against their ToS like all other things like compensation, justice and so on :)
  • Porky_CaPorky_Ca Posts: 72
    Agree with CpcBoyboy..........have a good service Verizon / T-Moble / ATNT.......get a highgrade smartphone or android phone like HTC / ZTE / LG....then you should be on a roll :):):):):)
  • CodornasCodornas Posts: 542 ★★
    Seetheevil wrote: »
    kabam cant be sure that you would win the war if the game hadnt crushed so stop crying man.
    Crying is against their ToS like all other things like compensation, justice and so on :)

    cant u read? I lost 80 points cause of the crash and the war was lost cause of 40 points, so yes we would have won. Im not saying they did on purpose, im saying their incompetence is causing harm even to our war season results. And i play on iphone 6, im sorry if im not rich enough to buy another phone just to play games, its not my phone since before the update it was fine
  • SeetheevilSeetheevil Posts: 66
    Bro you shouldnt feel so bad for this. There are worse cases such as kabam decreasing some allies points because they are cheaters but not giving the stolen points of honest allies with one expection and U know this very $killed and $ophistitaced ally which is awarded by 2 war extra points 😂 so this is kabam.

    Try to increase your weeklys $kills than you get anything you want from kabam like the rewards or points that u dont deserve 😂
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