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9+ million Aussie alliance looking for 3-4 active players

We are AusB - Top 500 Expert Alliance, Tier 2 AW

Need to be active and have the following

2 attack teams (1 for AQ and 1 for AW)
4.7k prestige or higher

Recently had some out of timezone players decide to move on.

Minimums only for Duels and Completion, almost all milestones hit on Arena events

Aussie or NZ players considered only

Line id: Noobeeus [AusB]
Ign: Noobeeus


  • NoobeeusNoobeeus Posts: 332 ★★
    line id is:

  • BionicmanBionicman Posts: 5
    Do u collect t4cc every AQ??
  • NoobeeusNoobeeus Posts: 332 ★★
    No we're not top 300 yet. Not far away though.

    We run 5x5
  • JuddEllisJuddEllis Posts: 3
    I'm thinking about joining an aus alliance, I see a lot of guys in your alliance that don't do arena. Just wondering if you guys at least get T1A?
  • 19Flow88 would be very interested. May be still a bit behind but getting there fast!!!
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