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I need help

How do you make a Champion invisible on a Alliance War Map?


  • BatpotterBatpotter Posts: 147
    I just want to know
  • BatpotterBatpotter Posts: 147
    Because it does not seem to work
  • Cats73Cats73 Posts: 314
    On lower AW tiers, the defenders are not invisible and have their full info. On higher AW tiers, they are invisible and the only information you know about them is their class.
  • BatpotterBatpotter Posts: 147
    @Cats73 I would like to know how to make my Champions invisible.
  • BatpotterBatpotter Posts: 147
    I am leader of my alliance if it affects it
  • Hey Batpotter!

    Cats73 is right in that Champion information won't be revealed when your Alliance is in a lower Tier. As your Alliance gains more and more wins, you'll advance in Tier, which is when your placed Champions will have their details hidden to the other team (Unless they have the Scout Masteries to reveal the information).

    Thanks for the assist, Cats73!
  • BatpotterBatpotter Posts: 147
    Thanks Kabam Pertinax
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