Time to nerf Mr. Unagi and/or extend diversity to attackers.

It is about time Brown Ross, a.k.a. Mr. Unagi, alias 'Blade' received a significant nerf. Not only is his privileged status v 'dimensional beings' inexplicable, but his synergies do not make any sense either. As to the former, it is indeed very difficult to understand why this character is so strong to begin with; after all, there is nothing extraordinarily special about him. As to the latter, at least have the decency to force those relying on him to bring Cabbage, Joe Fixit and Karnak instead of GR, SMSE, Megafisto and Doorkie, all of whom are decent in their own right.

Having grown incredibly tired of seeing two out of three players bring Mr. Unagi for AW attack (and predicting that plague will spread exponentially after the ongoing arenae end), at the very minimum diversity should be altered so as to apply to attackers as well, preferably with a penalty being applied if more than two people bring the same attacker.

It is time to put the lame arse vampire to rest.


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    Isn't he Eric Brooks?He's Wesley Snipes Anyway
  • So what?
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    So what?

    Okay,Real talk,Kabam said they have no plans on changing blade.Probably because it'll anger spenders who spent to get him
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    Ghost rider will never get nerfed kabam said it themsleves a long time ago when everyone wanted him to become immune to incinerate that it is not that they don't think he hould have more immunties it is because he is one of the most balanced champions so they don't wanna add more to his utilities. Maybe the blade syngery for ghost riders judgement chance increase will be changed or removed but that is it for him.

    I can't say the same for blade or stark spidey though. Stark spidey is awesome but I will never understand why they gave such amazing abilities to some half vampire to allow him to counter all villains in the most dangerous way.
  • To be fair, it should piss of those who invested in Maggie, Dormammu and Mephisto that Mr. Unagi is such a goddamn sacred cow to this company. Besides, since when did these money-grabbers ever concern themselves with upsetting people.. (well, unless your name is Toiletseatin and you are a YouTube loner, of course)? And since when does their saying something mean it will not happen?

    Oh.. one more thing.. Maggie? Yeah, NOT a dimensional being, at least no more dimensional than Baby Groot would be if he visited another dimension.

    Speaking of Baby Groot, I think he should be introduced and have the power to dance beings with danger sense to death as soon as the fight begins. It should be automatic and come with a 3 min. long victory dance by Baby Groot.
  • And seriously, at least introduce attacker diversity with a -1000 penalty if more than three people bring the same attacker and a -2500 penalty if more than two people bring two or more champions that another person brought on his or her team. That will put an end to the over(ab)use of Mr. Unagi and restore some utility to the champions that were killed with his introduction.

    Well.. or just reduce the chance of triggering unagi sense to 20%.
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    Great idea guys let’s nerf blade so we can go back to mystic wars. Yeah that would be awesome 👏. On top of that let’s bring the worst part of war defense in diversity to offense to. So now everybody can use ip she hulk and kk. In all seriousness diversity on the attack team is one of the worst ideas I have ever read. As far as compensation for people who invested in magic dorm and mep. Those are great offensive champs too. So you can’t place them on defense big deal if you are only useing them in war defense shame on you. War right now is about dieting less so if you are losing it’s most likely based on skill. So get good. Stay salty my friend.
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    That just reminded me I hate magik as an opponent ok now I am glad blade exists in the game.
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    People have spent thousands of dollars trying to get Blade. Do you watch Seatin? Nerfing Blade will cause hundreds to quit. They should make more defenders that counter Blade. I know a lot of people don’t like Infinity Iron Man, but he is a Blade counter. Not a villain, bleed immune under the right circumstances. I don’t think they should all be that powerful, but there should be more champs that are designed so that Blade doesn’t automatically kill them.
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    It is time to put the lame arse vampire to rest.

    It will never happen. Instead Scambam will bring out counters to him that you have to spend loads of money on to get!

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    Nooooo. It should never happen

    We're going to be helpless in front dimensional beings in AW. You can't run out from Magik's limbo or dormammu's degen so there should be blade in the contest.
    Synergies don't break the rules of contest
    Kabam seems to be bringing challenges for blade. We've seen that Corvus and proxima don't have #Villain tag. That's a challenge to blade
    Blade Never should be nerfed
    I doubt that you don't have a blade
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    The intentional mistakes in your post are a nice touch.

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    Blade is literally the only solution to a lot of the problems in this game (e.g. unavoidable damage, mystic dispersion, etc) and you want him nerfed? I'm surprised Kabam even released this champ in the first place as he'll undoubtedly be costing Kabam money that they would previously have earned from BS Magik's, Mephisto's etc.

    If he would get nerfed there would be a hell of an outrage, we would probably lose our biggest spenders and the game would therefore get even worse. Sure Blade doesn't make sense, but if we're using that logic then Hulk, Thor, Thanos, Doctor Strange, etc would be the top champs and no one else would come anywhere close, meaning everyone would be using the same champs with no diversity.

    TLDR if you don't want to use Blade, fine don't use him. But I for one don't want to go back to spending units just to beat Magik and the other BS in this game. So quit moaning and let people use what they use
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    The commercial internet has been around for 20+ years and people still don't know when they're being trolled.
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    Don't have Blade but attackers diversity is the most terrible idea I've ever heard.
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