My new highest combo..😎


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    Do Bucky with a 3* X23 or Wolverine. Might hit 1K.
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    That's wassup spark, you'll get even higher one day, and having a 5 star mephisto is pretty awesome as well. Keep it up man
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    Bruh, my highest was 400+ hits with ROL Winter Soldier. 257 hits is nothing

    Different people are at different levels in the game, don’t need to put others down who might not be at the same level you are. @Spark99 congrats on getting your new highest combo, keep practicing and soon enough you might be crossing that 300 mark.

    Exactly. People have different benchmarks that they're proud of in relation to their own progress.
  • Good job, @Spark99! :)
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    Thumbs down to the 400 hits bragger
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    Nice work man! Keep on practicing, you’ll get 300-400 soon!
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    Great job. Much better than my best of, uh, 107 or something.
  • Um, guys. I'm sorry for bragging about my 400+ hit combo. I guess I did not think carefully before I commented. I managed to get over 400+ hit combo with my 3* 4/40 Wolverine. How's that for skill ???
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    I had an alliance member who had over a 1000 hit combo, now I have no reason as to why he did it, we did an ally record and combo was one of those things, think he took at 2* into ROL or something and just sat there doing it...

    Congrats on the combo though @Spark99 not sure what mine is, might not even be that high lol.

    Trying to think what I got to in LOL, but not sure I got that high, probably was done out by a silly evade or enrage timer just approaching that
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    Blade vs Ex. Kamala - 3rd enrage timer time out
    Highest combo I’ve done so far!
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    Nice!Not to brag but I got 1,047 hits with 4/40 unduped Blade :p Took so much time lol
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    Great! You can score more when you grow more
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    I went to about 1000 hits with dr strange because of how weak he is compared to before.
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