190k player LF new alliance

Hi guys. I'm trying to find a new alliance. I'm U.K. Based and don't have line (but have managed in alliances that have it previously).
This is my roster. And thanks.


  • Adamjb1993Adamjb1993 Posts: 24
  • abiew78abiew78 Posts: 20
    Hi we are from Global Alliance. We have most players from US, Asian, and a few from Europe. We have our battle group arrange accordingly best suit to time zone. You can check our alliance [ACM2] the Warriors in game.

    My LINE ID abiew78.
  • MyleHy7MyleHy7 Posts: 128
    Hello there 😁👋🏻
    What are you looking for in your next Alliance?
    Vigilante Priesthood Recruiting active adult 100K+, AQ & AW, LINE req, IGN & LINE ID: MyleHy7
    Perhaps we may have a proposition to discuss.
  • VampLoveVampLove Posts: 13
    Hi, how’s it going? Are you still looking for an alliance? My team is 1.6 mil but we only have 13 very active, adult players. We are active in all events except perfect series, don’t require line and don’t have drama. If you’d like to look us up our tag is FSoK my game name is Vamp Love.
  • Ground_Round1Ground_Round1 Posts: 887

    We are an organized 10 mil Gold 3 alliance. We are active and have a growth mindset. We play 44332 in AQ and usually run 2 BG's for war. It is a nice mix of fun, at ease play and focusing on growth. We use discord for team comms. If you have not found a good fit to land into, get a hold of me on line @groundround. Thanks, and good luck.
  • ConsolissConsoliss Posts: 5
    Have you found an Alliance yet? If not send me a request and we can go from there. No donations or penalties for not preforming. Yet we do have a few mandatory requirements that goes with playing the game.
  • McocleeMcoclee Posts: 24
    Hello, still looking for an alliance? Our alliance is reward and team focused.
    We complete SA weekly.
    We do aq 5 and war.
    We do a lot of the events.
    Looking for players around 200k and up like us.
    Message me for more information.
    Mcoc: $leeta$
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