Dark Artifact Crystal Limit

Kabam please find below as constructive a feedback as I can manage about this issue.

To clarify, this is about there being a purchase limit of 1 on each of the dark artifact 5* crystals.

Is that news to you? Cause it was to me and its causing one of those rolling tides of rage across my communications that Kabam seems all to familiar and comfortable with.

This is causing the rage because it was not clearly communicated. I don't recall seeing this in any of the main posts or in-game mails, which lead me to believe I could aim for 2-3 of one of type of crystal to maximize my shot at "X" character.

Kabam Miike even posted on the forum that we could buy multiples! Reinforcing the misinformation presented to the community. Naturally, I, as a devoted to things that I want type of gamer, engaged a friend, who excited at the same possiblity of 2-3 shots at his preferred character, proceeded to MAKE TIME for dungeons every day, despite enormously busy lives.

Now here we are on the eve of our second crystal and we find out, no, we won't be able to go for who we want, that we have to buy one of the other crystals, none of which interest me in the slightest. According to Kabam, and pay attention Kabam cause this is the part that BOILS MY BLOOD, for us to encounter this massive disappointment is perfectly fine, because they corrected themselves in a forum comment! Oh yes, I have time to read non-in-game mails and non-sticked threads seeking updates to things I didn't even KNOW was a thing, totally my fault I was misinformed. But you were only misinformed, you didn't suffer any negative impact, as the so graciously put in another comment. YEA CAUSE MY TIME MEANS NOTHING right kabam?

Every day dropping tasks to time up and complete dungeons with a friend
All the rewards lost from doing dungeons (for no reason since I want neither the awakening stone or any of the other crystals) instead of other profitable activities
Now I have the mental fugue of being denied my promised reward for this activities

No negative impact at all right Kabam

Maybe that viewpoint on what negatively impacts us is why so often we find these forums and other websites clogged with hate?

Food for thought


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    Question is, can you buy it once each time they rotate or once total ?
  • We're sorry to hear that you are disappointed with this and for the miscommunication about the crystals, however, we had clarified after the initial post that the crystals would have a purchase limit and this was also detailed in the crystal vault in the game itself. That being said, we will make sure that your feedback is passed along to the rest of the team so that it can be considered for the future.
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