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Hyperion Bug

Hyperion's ability states that if hyperion has a cosmic overcharge buff while he is not at max power he converts one of the buffs into a power gain buff. But as of late he has been converting the cosmic buff and gaining the converted buff right back while not at max power (and his ability says he can't gain those buff unless he is at max power)


  • He needs to have 3 cosmic charges before using the sp3. If so, he will keep the charges and get a power gain buff. If not, he will get 3 charges and convert them, one by one, into a power gain buff
  • TheBlackDefenseTheBlackDefense Posts: 101
    Excatly but when he doesn't have the 3 charges and he uses an SP3 he converts one and gains the power gain and then he gains the buff he converted back even though he isn't at full power
  • TheBlackDefenseTheBlackDefense Posts: 101
    Can someone she'd some light on this @KabamMiike
  • StrategicStrategic Posts: 453 ★★
    I'm more interested to know why it states that if he has 3 cosmic charges and then uses L3 he is supposed to get a cosmic overcharge that combines all 3 cosmic charges and keeps getting power buffs and the cosmic overcharge should never end and yet it only lasts about 30 seconds or less.
  • Kabam LyraKabam Lyra Posts: 2,552 ★★★

    After looking into the ability based on the information provided, it doesn't look like there is a bug.

    Hyperion will convert the cosmic charges into power gains if he doesn't have one active and isn't at max power. This means that depending on timing it is possible for him to still have a power gain active when it comes time to generate another cosmic charge. This will let him potentially have a cosmic charge while below full power because he won't convert it until the active power gain ends. This is most common when he has a high-level signature ability, making his buffs last longer.
  • TheBlackDefenseTheBlackDefense Posts: 101
    The bug is when he spends the buff to gaim the power gain buff he regains the cosmic buff instantly
  • TheBlackDefenseTheBlackDefense Posts: 101
  • TheBlackDefenseTheBlackDefense Posts: 101
    See right there he convertes the buff for a power gain an instantly regains the cosmic buff
  • The bug is when he spends the buff to gaim the power gain buff he regains the cosmic buff instantly

    Because he gets one every 8 seconds of the battle ... so the cosmic overcharge buff ends, he spends one of the three cosmic charges he has in to a power gain buff (at this moment, he has 2 cosmic charges and a power gain buff).
    After this power gain buff expires, he converts another cosmic charge in to a power gain buff, and some seconds later he gets a cosmic charge. (
  • TheBlackDefenseTheBlackDefense Posts: 101
    Maybe I'm not being clear
    His abilities say he gaims the cosmic buff when he is at max power when he uses his SP3 and gains the 3 cosmic buffs he converts one to a power gain and Continues until he has max power but he problem lies in when he Converts the buff even if he is at 0 power he regains the cosmic buff instantly after he converts it that isn't how his abilities work

    He converts 1 of the 3 cosmic buffs and gains a power gain buff and stays at 2 cosmic buffs when the power gain ends he either gains a 3 because he's at max or converts another because he isn't at max he doesn't convert 1 and then 1 or 2 seconds after gains the cosmic buff while gaining power
  • shawnli87shawnli87 Posts: 99
    @TheBlackDefense sounds like you’re confused on how his ability works.

    Hyperion is constantly gaining cosmic CHARGES (the yellow icon). He will gain charges periodically, regardless of his power level or if there currently is a power gain buff active. The maximum amount of charges he can hold at any time is 3.

    While he is not at full power, he will convert any cosmic charges to power gain buffs, one at a time. If there are no cosmic charges, he will instantly convert the next charge that procs, so you won’t see the actual cosmic charges.

    His sp3 will do 2 things. First, it will cause him max his cosmic charges to 3. Second, if he already has 3 CHARGES it will give him a cosmic overdrive BUFF. The cosmic overdrive buff is basically a longer power gain buff, thus he doesn’t convert any charges while it is active.

    So, if you use a sp3 at the right time, your scenario can happen. He will max out his cosmic charges, convert one to a power gain buff, and then gain his next periodic charge.
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