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5* science awakening gem

Kenny292Kenny292 Posts: 536 ★★
edited May 2018 in Strategy and Tips
As far as how my 5* roster looks, the only champs of note are duped Meduda and unduped GP, both r4

5* science awakening gem 30 votes

Luke Cage
vg2782buffajrSIlverProfessorTedderstaojay1BahamutChampioncriticCats73Mitchell35 9 votes
Red Hulk
Golden_GuardianTheManMythLegend 2 votes
Save for Void
heruheru511MasterTroller42AlCapone2727Dmack976637JohnyzeroSpiderCoolsTrollllolllloAnimatronicstoIngi_Freyr1975shadow_lurker22Bear3EnderDraco58Julius_SeizureNickname207Ronin916Specimen2001The_Boss9 17 votes
Save for Hulk Ragnarok
ElitehunterSLEEPY_HE4D 2 votes


  • Julius_SeizureJulius_Seizure Posts: 99
    Save for Void
    Luke Cage literally doesn’t need it.
  • SpiritOfVengeanceSpiritOfVengeance Posts: 2,353 ★★★★
    It helps luke a lot but don't use it on him.
  • BigTimeBigTime Posts: 246 ★★
    Save it for either those mentioned or another champ. Don’t waste on those two.
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