A short statement on the perception of being “kabamed”

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I had a great time with dungeons tonight. Working towards my 4* crystal. Got Thor Rag. Doesn’t help or interest me at all. Thanked my partner for a good time and went about my night. Checked out some podcasts and had some drinks. Clicked on some basketball posts on Facebook trying to predict what the first post would be about. Something negative and short-sighted no doubt. It was. On every post. This sparked my curiousity.

I typed in the MCOC forums fully expecting to see the first post talking about how crappy dungeon day was. Yep. There it was. “I did all this...blah...blah...and got (insert champion).”

I wonder why drama and parody in game structure in order to promote progression is such a difficult concept to grasp. There are over 100 champs. Some great. Some bad. That is why we play isn’t it? To work towards champs that help us clear content?

Collectively, the community views 20 or so champs as extremely desirable. So, being smart people, we understand the odds of pulling one of these champs from any random crystal...correct? You would think.

I personally would lose all interest in this game if every champ was phenomenal and capable of taking on any challenge. This me that would defeat the purpose of the game itself.

Yet, time and time again, the majority of posts are seeking this very thing. So much so that people are willing to fork over hundreds of dollars. I myself have spent a couple hundred dollars in the last couple years.

Why can’t I just get great champs? They go so far as to say the game is **** if they don’t get exactly what they want.

Isn’t that the heart of every game? The engine that makes it enjoyable? A scarcity of resources? We all should know the odds. If there are 100 champs and only 10 you want, them you will be disappointed 90% of the time. Yet, people are still shocked and appalled that the odds aren’t more in their favor even with full knowledge of what the odds actually are. Utterly baffling.

I for one enjoy this element greatly. It is the puzzle and randomness that draws me to it. My roster is my roster. I use what I get to overcome the obstacles presented to me.

If everyone’s roster was the same, with easily crushed gameplay, then there wouldn’t be a game at all.

Sorry for the ramble, but I’ve had a few whiskeys, and am curious about the predictable nature of human entitlement. What is the point if we do not struggle to overcome chance?



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    I was happy with my outcome i got a new 4* dupe and a new 5* bp
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    I did have some crappy runs till i found one person i did like 6 runs with
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    Well, I agree with the sentiment, and I agree with your perspective. The Champs roll the way they roll, and there are very limited options we go for, so unfavorable is inevitable. Having said that, the 4* OG BP Dup from my Legendary still feels...ugh. Lol. Not really resentful over it. We take our chances. Feeling is still the same, though. ;)
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    Got a mephisto dupe out of my ultimate crystal. Pretty good, although was hoping to dupe starlord.
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    3* fixit and 4* groot for me...

    Considering I was in the upper prestige bracket... these don’t really help me at all other than giving me some shards.

    It was disappointing, especially considering the build up to dungeon day, kinda was pointless aside from a (relative to the months gains) tiny increase of dust and artefacts.

    But that’s what this game is, random luck opening digital crystals. You can bet I jumped for joy every time I got the feature I wanted.
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    I agree with much of the OP's sentiment.

    When I think of someone being Kabamed it's in the sense of major bugs that have persisted for months or get re-introduced after they had been improved.

    Examples are things like Push back when you AV's sp2 against a champ that autoblocked while in their corner, or the recovery timing the AI has.

    Game going down while you are in the middle of a fight and results in you getting KO'd or coming back at half health since it handles the situation as a forced quit on the players part.

    Multi hour outages during arena grinds.

    The emergency maintenance which occurs practically every month after the release of a new version or extended maintenance.

    The one hit insta-death nodes/champs where the game ignores input at the start of the fight just to chew through your champs.

    That's what I think of when being Kabamed.

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    Game bugs are certainly one thing. I agree. However, Wanting the game to give you things without the required effort for progress is silly to me and downright saps the fun out of it for me. I’ve picked at the game here and there for three years. In the last few months I’ve gotten pretty damn addicted. I’ve also gotten far better as a player.

    I really enjoy working with my roster and making the very tough decisions about which champs to rank and invest my limited resources in. First and foremost I want to have fun. I’m the leader of a small alliance of scrubs. Haha. We are shooting for Silver 1, and currently do map 2 AQ. Not a lot of resources to be had in the way of T4CC and such. That’s ok. I don’t want to devote any more time to the game. I grind for all the milestones in the basic 4* arena twice a week.

    I enjoy the challenging decision of “where do I put these 3 T4 mystic cats that I worked a year for?!”

    Of course I have 7 T4 science cats to go along with my Antman and Miles M.


    So, my first five 5 stars (hard for me to come by) were K Groot, Jane Foster, Sym Spidey, Carnage, Beast, and Civil Warrior. This forced me to adapt. Bring it on.

    Pulled a Scarlet Witch (one of my all-time faves)
    Pulled a 5* Blade a couple weeks ago. This is a massive game changer. I’m even using my 3* for the trinity. But I went through the muck to get there. I don’t spend money on champs, but damn right I was getting that awakening gem for SW. 2k more fragments and she’s going to 5/50. Even if I pull GR from the War crystal.

    So, I guess my long-winded point is that had I been given these champs two years ago, the game wouldn’t have been nearly as enjoyable for me. It would have been quite boring. I earned these! I’m just starting 5.2, beat ROL, and now is the time to up my squad.

    The sweet ain’t as sweet without the sour!

    P.s. I can also now confirm that Blade is in fact God. Dude shuts off safeguard nodes. :-)
  • I like people saying a different roster makes you learn to be a better player. I played with "junk" for about two years (still love Guillotine no matter what people say), got 5* SS last month and still dont half know how to use him. I'm still not great with Blade either, for this exact reason, I grew up adapting to unwanted champs until my roster grew.
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    3 star somthing for the Ultimate and 4 star Hulk Rags from Legendary. 5 star GR from Genesis crystal which was already at sig 100
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    Well right NOW at this very moment we are being Kabamed!

    Game is down as players are trying to get dungeons done...

    Also too I'd add the Nerf-ing of champs is also getting Kabamed
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    This is my perception: off-putting gameplay.

    Example: Uncollected mode Proxima boss. Before you could prove yourself in 15 hits, she has an unstoppable buff. Didnt expect it on first try, and then unstoppable again after revive. Had to parry and parry to survive, and then got killed after 15 hits. Revived again and got killed by broken parry (meaning she intercepted at begining and wrecked me). Revived again and lo and behold! Unstoppable. I was so stressed at that point that I lost composure and did not parry, so I lost the fight. Revived again and had to use lots of items to finish (and it ate up half my revive stores).

    What makes it appaling is the unnecessary spend on units. That and I had to run 4 more times to finish and get rewarded. It was disgusting.
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