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Hi, Kabam. Can you please do something and fix all your game lags and bugs please? Because of your annoying lags and bugs that you refused to fix playing the game is very annoying as well. Kabam I expect a reply and a proper fixing of these bugs.

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    if only it were that easy friend. we ALL want this
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    Unfortunately it is the game now. If I lose 1 more champ in aw because of lag nonsense I'll scream and moan but ultimately keep playing. What is wrong with us for accepting this nonsense.
  • Hey guys, I’m sorry to hear you're experiencing lag, and I realize it can be really frustrating to lose fights because of this!

    We're actively looking into new ways to make improvements to the game's performance and input such as yours is instrumental in helping us with this process. In an effort to keep everyone's comments about lag and performance issues more organized, we have created two new threads which are specifically for the reporting of issues such as this, and we have also developed a bug reporting template.

    If you're playing the game on an Android device, please contribute to THIS discussion. If you're an iOS user, please use THIS thread.

    The bug reporting template can be found on page 1 of each discussion. Please try to provide as much of the requested information as possible so our Teams can investigate any possible issues and potentially identify or develop a solution.

    Thank you very much in advance for your help!
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