Looking for a new home with a fun group?

8 MIL Gold 3 alliance looking for a few good players over level 50.

We are a fun group who have played together for quite some time.

The details:
War focused alliance - currently GOLD 3
We run AQ map 3 and 4 when not in war. During war we run AQ map 2.
No donation required, just donate when you can.
SA weekly - usually hit %21-40 rewards sometimes better.
Line is required AND must communicate.

We understand real life happens, just be active and communicate and have fun - no slackers!

If interested find me on Line: Oconus Rox


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    rookerooke Posts: 19
    why use line? its like hey you should download another app so we can communicate even though you already have chat!!
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    OconusOconus Posts: 16
    Lol because the in game chat is terrible.
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