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Out of my 4*s, which one is demi god tier/God tier?

This list is all my 4*s. I goes my highest to my lowest in ranks. I just need some advise and no inappropriate comments. Also advise on who to rank and who not to.


Morningstar (Duped)

Sig: 10


Phoenix (Duped)

Sig: 34

Falcon (Duped)

Sig: 11


Captain Marvel





Cyclops (Classic)


Beats (Duped)


Punisher 2099


Super. Iron Man

Iron Patriot (I'm not proud either)

Spider-man (Classic)

Hela (Just spun today)


  • SoulBreaker1229SoulBreaker1229 Posts: 228
    Sig: 33
  • SoulBreaker1229SoulBreaker1229 Posts: 228
    Thanks for the help -_-
  • elan0418elan0418 Posts: 53
    Morning Star - She deals very good damage as you capture the souls (God after she captures 5 souls. She life steals part of the damage).

    Dr Voodoo
    Captain Marvel
  • taojay1taojay1 Posts: 1,062 ★★★
    Pretty much what @elan0418 said, but voodoo and cm rely on sig ability, and rogue kinda needs it too.
  • SoulBreaker1229SoulBreaker1229 Posts: 228
    So then who to rank?
  • taojay1taojay1 Posts: 1,062 ★★★
    At the moment, Angela OR Hela (both cosmic heavy hitters), Rogue OR Beast (I once had to choose between both, I went with Rogue, but mine is duped- currently, I would go with Beast if I were you, he is quite underrated), and Ultron. Once you dupe Voodoo, go ahead and rank him.
  • Cats73Cats73 Posts: 314
    Angela, Hela, Morningstar, Voodoo, and Ultron are your best
  • AngelicsignAngelicsign Posts: 391 ★★
    I will bring this 3 with your roster.
    Huge dmg: Capt marvel
    Regen: beast or dr voodoo(if duped)
    Immune: ultron

    Then choose any other 2.
    Personally dont like morningstar, hopping back make her like dash like a flying champ.
    I’d say ultron, MS, angela and rogue are demis and Voodoo can be god Tier if he’s awakened
  • shadow_lurker22shadow_lurker22 Posts: 3,243 ★★★★★
    Definitely beats lol on a serious note yall seriously overrate Ultron he isnt that useful at all
  • Lt_Magnum_1Lt_Magnum_1 Posts: 637 ★★
    Morningstar, Rogue, Angela, Ultron, and Hela. Doctor Voodoo if he is duped.
  • Cats73Cats73 Posts: 314
    Definitely beats lol on a serious note yall seriously overrate Ultron he isnt that useful at all

    Lol how? Regen and double immunity make for a solid AQ champ. If you have better ones, you can always plop him on Defense.
  • elan0418elan0418 Posts: 53
    Go with Angela. If you get to dupe Voodoo, upgrade him too. He will help you clear a lot of content.

    Ultron is good because of double immunity and regen at 50% health and 25% health. But his low and medium attacks are just ok. I have 4 Star ultron at 4/40. At the max i have seen 1.3K damage in a single hit. His specials do quite a lot of damage though.

    Morning star needs those souls to do good damage. Without souls, she doesn't hit hard either.

    If you have close to 3 T4CC's of any class, you can consider a champ based on them.
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