Ghost Rider SP3 vs new Luke Cage - Indestructible Bug

VoluntarisVoluntaris Posts: 1,133 ★★★
I was fighting Starburst Luke Cage (after 17.0 patch, so new reworked Luke Cage) in Map 6 using my 5 star 5/65 Ghost Rider.

While Luke Cage indestructible was in cooldown, right before the indestructible was supposed to come back up, I used my Ghost Rider SP3 to inflict Damnation debuff (which is supposed to fate seal opponent).

While the damnation debuff was on Luke Cage, he stayed indestructible for the entire duration (only damage he'd take was from the damnation debuff degen) - no damage was being taken by Luke Cage via hits or specials. No indestructible buff was present on Luke Cage.

Once the Ghost Rider damnation debuff went away, then Luke Cage indestructible buff showed up and was indestructible during the time of the buff.

So in summary, Luke Cage was indestructible for around 15-20 seconds during Damnation debuff/fate seal and then back to normal indestructible once fate seal removed.

Very annoying bug. Please look into. I'll try to record it next time.


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