Hi there.
Recently my alliance collapsed, the leader wanted to chill and an officer left on bad terms. Those of us that are still willing to play have banded together. There are 13 of us. We are either going to start a new alliance, which we will need a partner for, or we will be looking for a merge.
We vary in strength from about 3500-5000 prestige. We ran 44422 in AQ and were yo-yoing between tier 6-8 in AW.
We are looking to use ClanHQ instead of Line, but it's not a necessity.
Drop me a message if you are interested or would like to know more

IGN : Millsonius
Line ID : millsonius
CHQ Tag : Millsonius#OUOz


  • JohnPaulBusuJohnPaulBusu Posts: 82
    Hey our alliance is currently at 16 players and we're currently looking to fill out our ranks again. We used to run map 4 all aq but since we're at 16 currently we run 2 bgs of map 3 but if we get more players we can go back up to map 4. For war we are currently in silver 1 doing 2 bgs per war and winning most of our wars and when we'll be at 30 or close to 30 we would go back to doing 3 bgs per war. Our alliance is very organised, has very active players that regularly return to game and communicate well. We also use line for better communication and we hit sa weekly.

    If all this interests you and all 13 of you want to join hit me up either here or check out our alliance --> Vamp1re Extreme, tag --> VaEx

    In-game name --> John_Paul_Busu
    Line ID --> johnpaul21
  • QueenNJAHQueenNJAH Posts: 93
    Message me on LINE. I’m the leader of an 11 mil ally @aikochristine
  • Puk_SopranoPuk_Soprano Posts: 386
    Message sent
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