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Locked out of 5* Featured Arena at the worst possible time (Long Post)

Alright so long post incoming with lots of screenshots and Kabam support emails so don't say you were not warned.

So a little bit of backstory, this was my experience with a bug that occurred during the final hours of a long 3-day grind for 5* Iron Man that ended on May 31st. This bug effectively prevented me from reaching my goal arena score (60 mil) and in turn prevented me from obtaining the champ and effectively made all the resources I spent go to waste.

The Scenario: After nearly 3 days of grinding, spending units, using all my boosts and quite frankly exhausting my account of as many resources as i could I was reaching the "home stretch" of the grind with just over 2 hours left and sitting at about 55.7 million points. At this point while queuing into my next fight which i was refreshing my top champs for I got the extended spinning wheel of loading then the game gave me a "WARNING: It looks like there was a network error! Please try again in a moment" and from that point forward any time I tried to start the featured arena match this is the message i would receive.


Let me be clear (as this seemed to be what Kabam support thought was my complaint initially) I am not complaining about servers crashing and not being able to get into the game, which lets be real is a whole other topic for concern. I am wanting to address a bug that completely locked me out of just the feature 5* arena with over 2 hours remaining. I could get into any other game mode without effort, except the one that i had sunk the better part of the previous 70 hours into.

At this point I logged my first Ticket (04751514) still around 2 hours before the end of the arena. Just in case there was a quick fix. Support gave me some trouble shooting tips that were not useful as i had already tried most of these. I provided the information asked but this ticket was not addressed by Kabam again until much later so i just disregarded it.

I continued to try to access this arena until the time was up but to no avail. I was forced to sit on my measly score and hope for some reason the score was lower than anticipated. I took videos of each attempt just to show time stamps, but to not clutter this post up with repeat videos i will refrain from posting them unless requested.

So after the arena results arrived and not surprisingly I knew all my efforts went to waste, I logged another ticket (04752073) with a more detailed explanation with the hope of some resolution. Exactly what i sent is written below:

After this is the back and forth between myself and Kabam:
The generic response is kind of expected at first so I ask for the issue to be escalated


So for my trouble it's only worth 350 units? Not even a drop in the bucket of what I used so I responded asking for more.



This was the last I heard from Kabam support. Friday. I waited the weekend just because we know how little game resolution is done over the weekend. But with now going into the next week of this issue I felt appropriate to make a post to get some more visibility on the issue

At one point they did however get back to me on my first ticket to which I said I submitted a new ticket. And they referenced that it was with the "Senior Team" and will be addressed.

My hope is that Kabam takes the opportunity to right a wrong and show the community that they can rectify a situation if it is taken out of the hands of the players.

Thanks to everyone for the support and reading and hearing my out.


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    Sorry to hear about your scenario, but then again if Kabam started compensating players even as an exception, then people will just use all the units and if they see that they cannot reach the goal, they can log a ticket similar to yours.

    You see the point, this can be exploited.

    It is a bad situation and an even worse resolution, but I don't think this can/should be compensated. Errors happen!!
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    Wow, that stings. Imo ofc you deserve a compensation for this, but knowing Kabam support it's already a miracle that you got anything at all (even if it feels more like a kick in the butt). They definitely have one of the worst customer support I've ever seen anywhere. And while I think you deserve a compensation, their Terms of Service prevents them from being obligated to do anything for such events.
    24. System Outages. Kabam periodically schedules system downtime for the Websites and Services for maintenance and other purposes. Additionally, unplanned system outages may occur. You agree that Kabam has no responsibility and is not liable for: (a) the unavailability of the Websites or Services including those available on Third Party Platforms; (b) any loss of materials, data, transactions or any other information or materials caused by such system outages; (c) the resultant delay, mis-delivery, or non-delivery of data, transactions or any other information or materials caused by such system outages; or (d) any outages caused by any third parties, including without limitation, any companies or servers hosting the Websites or Services, any Internet service providers, any Third Party Platforms, or any Internet facilities and networks.

    So yeah.. good luck with your case, but I doubt anywhere here can help you. I would just keep trying to email support and hope that you maybe get a useful employee that actually helps.
  • TempestTempest Posts: 295
    This really sucks and is unfortunate. I find that Kabam support is effective in addressing only known requests with known resolutions, such as a name or email change. They are not very good at addressing unique circumstances where the answers are not already in their "handbook". And unfortunately they very rarely if ever escalate your case, and when they do, it's very rare for the game team to respond in a favorable way.

    I have found that most of the time, they put you on some kind of loop. You write in, they provide a canned response. You reply and they provide you with the same canned response because the person who replies is not the same as the one who read your original ticket. After one or two canned responses, they close your ticket. You submit a new one and you get yet a new person, who gives you the exact same canned response, and so on. It's very difficult to have a real conversation about your issue since support is both powerless and a rotating cast.

    Kabam support should have an escalation team whose job is solely to investigate and resolve unique circumstances like this. The first level support does a fine job of addressing smaller issues such as name change, but we need another team to address the bigger issues. Moderators here always redirect people to the support team... however, the reason these people write in the forum in the first place is because they have already written to support and the support team is not helpful or powerless to help them. The sheer number of people having to write in the forums in desperation should signal that support needs a revamp/ upgrade.

    I feel for the moderators as well, because they are not able to help these players, hence the redirect. It is not the moderators' job or within their power to resolve these issues. At the same time, support does not do it. What can we do then?
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