Fantastic Four please

With the New Deal with marvel and Fox, the is no doubt that the Fantastic four will entire the MCU, This Means that we should celebrate this deal with these 5 New champions in a Two part event quest and arenas:
The Thing: Class=Cosmic
:Buffs=Stony Armor, Bleed immune, incinerate immune, Fury
Info: Stone armor last for 5 seconds and refreshes every 20 seconds, stone armor takes no damage with incoming attacks and takes no damage with special attacks
Awakened Name and Ability: [Heart of Stone]
The Thing is a Tough guy with a literary Heart of Stone, The higher the damage the thing takes the more resistant he becomes.

Mr. Fantastic: Class=Cosmic
Buffs:Fury, Physical Resistance, Stun
Awakened Name and Ability:[Flexible]
Mr. Fantastic ability to stretch gives him the ability to absorb incoming damage like a sponge, the more damage he takes the resistant he becomes and has a 30% chance to evade.

Invisible Women: Class=Cosmic
: Buffs=Invisibility, Evade, stun, cruelty
Awakened Name and Ability:[Can't See me]
Mrs.Fantastic, a.k.a The invisible women has a 80% chance to evade all special attacks(except special attacks 3) when she isn't invisible and a 100% chance to cause special attacks from 1-2 to miss and takes zero damage from special 3s

To Be Continued...


  • imaginejimimaginejim Posts: 300 ★★
    @Hero1700 slow down misinformation, Fox shareholders won't vote on this until July 10 and Comcast is trying to come in with a higher offer. They haven't merged. No one has been bought out.
  • SpiritOfVengeanceSpiritOfVengeance Posts: 2,353 ★★★★
    edited June 2018
    Boring characters in my opinion only Dr Doom deserves to be here.
  • Hero1700Hero1700 Posts: 15
    I'm going to put him soon
  • SlappapowSlappapow Posts: 124
    I just want the Fantastic Four just so I can make the Illuminati team
  • Hero1700Hero1700 Posts: 15
    edited June 2018
    Human Torch: Class=Cosmic
    : Buffs=Incinerate, Fury, Cruelty, Incinerate immune, Cold immune
    Awakened Name and Ability:[Flame On]
    Human Torch has a the chance to go super nova when under 50% health, increasing damage, regeneration, and incineration

    Dr.Doom: Class=Tech
    : Buffs= Self Repair, Shock, Bleed, Poison, Doom Armor, Fury, Cruelty, Stun
    Info:Doom armor grants DOOM bleed, Stun, incinerate, and poison immunity
    Awakened Name and Ability:[Kneel Before Doom]
    Victor Von Doom has been creating new was to manipulate the iso-8 of the contest and infusion it to his armor to allow debuffs and buffs for certain champions he faces, AFTER ALL, EVERYONE SHALL KNEEL BEFORE DOOM.
    Against Science:Doom is granted physical resistance while science champions are granted weakness
    Against Mystic:Doom is granted Power Gain while mystic champions are granted Degeneration
    Against Cosmic:Doom is granted higher fury rates while cosmic champions are granted Power Drain
    Against Tech:Doom is granted enhanced armor ratings while tech champions are granted Armor shattered
    Against Mutant:Doom is granted enhanced regeneration while mutant champions are granted heal block and weakness
    Against Skill:Doom is granted Evade while Skill is granted exploit weaknesses

  • MagsMags Posts: 132
    I'd love to see the merger happen! Silver surfer is one of my favorite characters.
    I must disagree with @SpiritOfVengeance
    Surfer and Torch would fit nicely, no question. There are many other great candidates that would be available if the rights are unlocked for sure.

    Torch would be a great counter to Iceman, since they don't seem to want to bring pyro to the contest.

    Though I'm worried if they introduce Surfer, they would give him horribly weak abilities.. Forget the power cosmic.. I see kabam giving him Ironman like energy projection specials. Another bench warmer.
  • EnderDraco58EnderDraco58 Posts: 958 ★★
    Fox still owns FF
  • Hero1700Hero1700 Posts: 15
    What do you guys think of my FF and Doctor Doom abilities and buffs
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