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K so i dont know if this post will mean anything or even be listened to but here are 3 horrible things ive noticed about this champ, while fighting her in uncollected.

1. she’s glitchy when dashing back, in fight and will often proc the infamous ‘sticky feet’ bug on you when you do dash back (keeping your character stuck to the floor and vunerable)
2. parrys only work about 10% of the time on her
(shes also breaking through my blocks sometimes)
3. when you intercept her just as you would anyone else it gives her the hit instead of you, so yeah she basically is overpowering all my well-timed intercepts and the only way to beat her is to bait her specials hence, finding that opening right after they’re thrown.

not really impossible to beat by no means, but she definately has a few bugs... a little annoying when shes getting your champ stuck to the floor on a dash-back and tweaking the frame rates in her favor too tho lol

although i didnt really notice any gamebreaking energy damage problems like others have stated?

is anyone else expiriencing these little issues as well when fighting her or am i just tripping ?


  • KeonexKeonex Posts: 77
    I dont find her glitchy at all. SShe isnt hard to beat either. she isnt IMIW or Medusa
    definately, thats not what i was saying thoo
  • BigTimeBigTime Posts: 246
    Keonex wrote: »
    I dont find her glitchy at all. SShe isnt hard to beat either. she isnt IMIW or Medusa

    Record some videos of you beating her when she is 3x your PI rating, like Wars will be, so use a 5k against her 15-17k ish. Show us this with a couple of champs and then I’ll believe you.

    I’ve faced her at least a dozen times. She’s not unbeatable but hitting through blocks and very frequent degen isn’t okay to just have “happen”.
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