Looking for alliance that can provide t4cc

Needing an alliance who can easily supply rewards with t4cc


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    Screenshots? Top champs? Map 5 & 6 experience? And most importantly, prestige?
    Your prestige has to be over 6500 to qualify you for an alliance that earns a full t4cc per week, so this is the most important detail to know about your account.
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    It might be tough to get through map5 for you which would make it hard to get crystals to get t4cc.
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    Gotta love the catch 22 this game has you and I in eh? We need champs of a certain level that are good enough to be effective at the 5 and 6 map runs in AQ in order to entice an alliance currently running those maps to take you on. But, to get those champs there, we need to obtain T4CC's on our own.

    Yet, we can't get the T4CC's necessary to get our champs Maps 5 and 6 worthy quickly enough because we don't have a reliable solo method to obtain enough shards in a reasonable amount of time.

    So we're just stuck! Limping along with our 10 T4CC shard crystals we can get at the end of monthly Heroic. Maybe another 10 from the 1st 3rd of the Monthly Master Quest. Maybe more if you're a good enough player to survive the 2nd and 3rd parts of Master using only 3rd Tier 4 star champs or 2nd Tier 5 star champs without needing a ton of level 5 potions. I know I don't have those kind of skills myself, working on it, but I just am not there yet and I don't think I will be anytime soon.

    Of which those level 5 potions are only obtainable with units, never on any of the maps themselves! I already have a thread on that issue , don't get me started again on that little gem of a discussion. lol

    So yah, I'm totally in your same boat my friend, and it flippin' sucks!!! I'm as frustrated about this matter as I imagine you are. But, we don't program the game so all we can do is play what the give us to play right? Is what it is.
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    Master mode CAn be completed with rank4 4star. Just personal opinion because I now have the skill. Also finish exploring act4 it helped a lot. You need Regen champs to compensate for skill at the moment. Wolverine was my first maxed 4star. I didn't complete my first master quest until I had hero rating of 157k. You'll get there with time. Dont rush. As for t4cc, run map4 till you can handle map5 consistently. You could get lucky with map4 crystals and pull a whole t4cc from one.
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    My current Alliance only has enough oomph to run Map 2 and we don't even fully explore that. It's a great alliance and I'm not a ship jumper and so I'm being patient while I allow my fellow alliance members time to get more powerful and more organized but it's hard because there's maybe only 3 or 4 of us that use the Line app for communication.

    So yeah....it's going to be awhile before we're even capable of running Map 3. We tried it out about a week ago and the whole team just fell apart on the 1st mini boss there, all three champs K.O.'d, myself included in that.

    I just need to get more skilled and it's starting to get frustrating because I've been playing for a year now and my skills don't seem to be improving. I'm trying my best and watching the "How To" You Tube videos on Parry and Intercept but I still get my A$$ handed to me on the more beefy awakened 4 and 5 star computer run opponents.

    I know I'll eventually get there and I'm guessing I might not be using the right champions or they aren't powerful enough or whatever and that's where it's frustrating with the limited availability with the T4CC's. Because I feel that the lack of being able to obtain a reliable source of those on my own are what's holding me back from being better at the game.

  • Do u guys use line app?? I got 2 spot to fill 7.4 mil alliance. Relaxed. Do map 4 aq
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    There you go @Move964_ , @draco7326_7311 will take you on into his Alliance. Best of luck in your acquisition of the coveted T4CC's. :)
  • I'll take u both if ur looking as well Boegota
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    Well that's just the thing, I'm not sure you'd want me as I'd just straight up K.O. really fast in the map 4 AQ. I'm in the same catch 22 Move964_ is in and so I wouldn't be any help there. I'd just be a bottom dwelling slime sucker joining in on those maps just to be "carried" for the most part.

    And then I'd need a better definition of what you call "relaxed". You did read that I left my more powerful alliance due to requirements they expected of me that I couldn't meet. If you have those same expectations (min. points doing this or that event and more than I can give donations in order to run the higher AQ maps), then I'd not be a very good fit.

    That being said, if you have no expectations I can't meet and you're willing to allow me to be "carried" through Map 4 AQ, just until my Champs get better and I can be effective, I guess I'd be willing to give your alliance a shot... I just want to be fully honest with you and place all my cards on the table now so that you can make an informed decision vs. you being disappointed with me later.
  • Relaxed as in have fun. There is no expectations on points, our donations are 40k gold weekly and that's if u can donate that week. Just be active and do ur best. I sent u a in game friend request. Hit me up
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    Sounds like you guys have a pretty solid offer from Draco. I'm in a similar level ally as he is and we took on two low level players as well knowing they would have a tough time keeping pace. As long as they're active, ask for help when needed and trying to grow their account we're happy to help them get to where they're able to have more of an impact. Seems like he'll work with you guys in a similar way, which is the best way to grow in my experience.
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    It might be tough to get through map5 for you which would make it hard to get crystals to get t4cc.

    What kind of rewards exactly do you earn from running map 5? We're currently running 3 until we can fill out and get some more consistency out of everyone. I'm curious what exactly I'm missing out on by not doing a harder map.
  • T1 alphas, t4 basic or class frags or full
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    @draco7326_7311 Thank you very much for the clarification and the offer. I'd very much like to accept as I'm going nowhere fast in the alliance that I'm currently in. I have a lunch coming up here at 5:00 PM MST and I can only use my phone on my lunches and breaks and so I'll go to the place in the building to where I can have 4G LTE and accept your friend request. I'll then compose a good bye letter to my current alliance and the person who runs both the Hardcore and Lightcore Alliance to give my reasons for leaving and join up. Thank you so very much for this great opportunity you're giving me here!!!
  • We usually get the 9-13k t4bc frags rank rewards with 475-500 glory
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    It's also a bonus that you're choose avatar is an X-Man. The X-Men is my all time favorite Marvel Comics Team and as you can see Colossus here is my boy!!! :)
  • I sent invite to alliance as well, any problems my ign is draco7326 alliance tag is teshf
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    I sent the request to teshf draco7326
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    @Boegota getting in an alliance that was organized with 3 Bgs was game changing for me. Play above your comfort level if you can and you will adjust and get better. I used to be in the same boat as far as needing t4cc to get stronger but needing it to get it, but you will get over that hump if you keep at it.
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    @LeNoirFaineant, Thanks you sir for the very encouraging words, I really appreciate them. I did indeed leave the Ryzing alliance and joined up with draco7326_7311 and so far I'm getting beat to a plup by a 5 star Mordo in AQ but it's all good. Everyone there gave me props for trying and like you, they inform me that by keeping at it, I'll get better eventually. :)
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