Not Lazy but Not Crazy - 9.5M Gold 2 Needs Some Active Players

We try to balance work/life/game responsibilities. We run 2 AW WGs at a time so the other WG has the day off for Questing or grinding. In AQ, we do Map 5 one week and Map 2 the following week so we can focus on AW and harvest alliance potions.

Minimal donations, Alliance Event requirements are "No Zeroes" so they're pretty easy too.

Want to learn more? Message me on Line at MPC1974


  • MPC1974MPC1974 Posts: 85
    If we find the right people, we can plan to bring them aboard now or after Season 2 ends if that works better for their schedules.
  • MPC1974MPC1974 Posts: 85
    We are still solidly Gold 2 even with a shorthanded roster, and we still have some room for the right player(s). :smile:
  • MPC1974MPC1974 Posts: 85
    We have had several recruits join us, but we still have room for a few more, whether you're interested in joining today or want to wait until Season 2 ends. Hit me up on Line at MPC1974

    We have a fun, friendly group that supports each other and helps veterans get to Level 60 and grow their roster pretty quickly. :smiley:
  • Kon93Kon93 Posts: 11
    If u need more, pm Kon93 in game or Kon-93 in line plz.
  • MPC1974MPC1974 Posts: 85
    We still have a few spots open and a spot for after Season 2 ends. Hit me up on Line at MPC1974

    If I'm not available, reach out to Blind Knight @bk or @boston6913

    We are a top 5%-10% alliance worldwide, but we try to strike a good balance between the game and life.
  • MPC1974MPC1974 Posts: 85
    Ok, we got another member, but we still have a couple spots opening, especially after Season 2 ends. Let me know if you're interested by msging me on Line @MPC1974
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