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Konstantinos7grKonstantinos7gr Posts: 12
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I would like to know when new champions will be added to the game like Thor Infinity war and more characters from that movie
Why these new characters have not been added yet?


  • Either there are no plans for them to be added, or they aren't planned to be added anytime soon.
  • VoltolosVoltolos Posts: 555 ★★
    I mean that Thor (IW) has a new weapon so that makes really powerfull and important character in the MCU and the game too. In my opinion he should be added to the game

    We already have two Odinson Thors and one Jane Foster Thor. We don't need another Odinson.
  • Cosmic_Ray13Cosmic_Ray13 Posts: 301
    Yeah I don't think they are adding anyone else from the Infinity war.
  • Maybe he can be added in the future, who knows. MCU is almost irrelevant to this game. Just because there is a new marvel movie doesn't mean characters from that movie need to be added
  • ButtehrsButtehrs Posts: 1,038 ★★★★
    Tho i would love ebony maw and black dwarf
  • Man_BatMan_Bat Posts: 76
    They added two champions from Infinity War (Cap and IM) just like they did with Thor: Ragnarok (Thor and Hela). Then they added a new Hulk upon the DVD release, so they could easily add a new IW champ at that point.
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