12.5m alliance looking for skilled active players after season 2

logan's metal nuts is looking to replace a few players after season 2 of aw.. the idea of this alliance is to b competitive and have fun without living on the game.. we r gold 2 in aw and run 5x5 so we need players active enough for map 5 and also people that r good that can clear their paths and minis we know nobody fights perfect all the time! also we have no event minimums we dont even require that u participate in them we know not everybody can sit and grind arena.. add me on line my id is isnerbaby feel free to ask any questions!


  • Rip1Rip1 Posts: 44
    How close to gold 1?
  • TaimurKhanTaimurKhan Posts: 119
    How many players you are looking for?
  • isnerbabyisnerbaby Posts: 34
    how many do u have taimurkhan? we r discussing who all wed like to replace
  • isnerbabyisnerbaby Posts: 34
    still looking for skilled players that can handle any path in aq and aw and that r active enough for map 5 aq
  • TaimurKhanTaimurKhan Posts: 119
    Well we have 15-16 players. We can talk about merger of you are interested.
  • Nb2121Nb2121 Posts: 20
    I am interested.

    Game name: Nb2121
  • Bryon_502Bryon_502 Posts: 124
    I'm looking for a new alliance. IG name Bryon 502
  • isnerbabyisnerbaby Posts: 34
    still looking would love to get some guys in higher alliances looking to take a bit of a break
  • isnerbabyisnerbaby Posts: 34
    still need a couple people if interested add me in game and line id r the same they r isnerbaby
  • isnerbabyisnerbaby Posts: 34
    looking for 4!
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