Bad luck protection

Hey there Kabam mods,
I would like to put forward the notion of implementing bad luck protection in the crystal openings. That way, more people will be willing to spend. For example, if somebody got 20 3*s from the 20 featured crystals they bought, they'll get frustrated of their pulls and will start blaming your RNG. Now, put a bad luck protection that after X amount of featured crystals, give the player a guaranteed 5*(literally any 5*) or X amount of featured crystals give the player a guaranteed 4*. This way the player base will also feel worth it to spend on crystals.
Looking at how big you're growing, its little things like these that make the player base keep playing.
To the players,
I apologize if this is a repost of anyone but would really like to see the bad luck protection get implemented. Please do not troll/be sarcastic on this post and let others give their feedback.


  • RedBaron99RedBaron99 Posts: 45
    This is a nice suggestion - quite a few games that have RNG loot have this mechanic and it's nice to know that whilst that treasure chest/crystal/boss didn't drop what you needed this time, it increases your chances of it dropping next time.

    In reality, this would mean Kabam admitting to/creating a 'tier' list of champions, and the can of worms that that would open.

    My personal preference would be to have a featured-style crystal that just contains either the top 5 or so attackers/defenders used by players in AW and AQ. Have it on a rolling 30 day timer, with the final list being published here prior to go-live so that the community could veto if Kabam tries to insist a significant number of players use Cyclops in AQ or something daft.

    Alternately, introduce character shards like Strike Force; if you want to spend to get the big champs straight away you can, but equally you can work towards building specific characters slowly if not.

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