Why there is no change to get red Deadpool without money

At least there is some change to get red Deadpool without spending money


  • JC_JC_ Posts: 518 ★★★
    :smile: Exactly.
    Yea, but the chance is pretty close to impossble. Even if you did get the goldpool ticket, all the top 1% players who don't have him are going to be grinding non-stop to get him. So its close to impossible either way
  • DoctorofEvilDoctorofEvil Posts: 211
    Deadpool is a carrot to encourage spending and especially first Time spending

    If I am sitting around a table of executives or planners it is really difficult to tell them we need to find a way to avoid players having to pay 10 dollars to get a desirable token hero and be eligible to get the four star version as well.

    Right? This game needs to make money after all, and DP is in no way essential to the game such that free players will have to quit without him on their team...
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