Does vulture have any use?

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I pulled him out of my 4* crystal earlier and not sure on him.does he have any use or is he just another trash champ?


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    Vulture can cause incinerate when he is hit sometimes, his SP1 can cause power lose. I don’t really use him a lot because I only have him as a 3*, and a 2*. But he is worth keeping and taking to R4
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    Sweet thanks @kabam pertinax :smile:
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    He’s got a few interesting matchups. Most notably, I think, hyperion, mordo, or anybody else that gains power passively
    Pop an L2, and he can do some pretty big damage, as the debuff applied by his L2 deals damage over time based on their power gain
    But, don’t rely on him power controlling. It’s just good damage and power LIMITING

    Yeah, in short, I guess
    I like using him against hyperion and mordo, mostly. Just to burst ‘em down
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    He has a synergy with Stark that was useful in my LOL run. Increased Ability Accuracy.
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    Like whodo said...

    4* vulture was my first duped 4*. So I had to take him to rank 4 first.

    His biggest play is working his sp2 right after your opponent empties their power bar.

    You can deal huge damage for something like 10-12 seconds afterwards directly tied to their power gain.

    Also against opponents like Thor Ragnarok or Deadpool. If you bust them with the sp2 and their power gain buff goes off their health will immediately plummet.

    Vulture incenerates on dash attacks and can add up good crit damage with dexterity on double medium then specials
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    I've asked the same question myself:

    I think he's interesting to play with; and much better if he's Awakened, as he gains power when he incinerates his opponents. Thermal Feedback causes damage as the victim gains power; so very effective against opponents on Power Gain nodes; especially if they're natural Power Gainers like Mordo or Vision.

    If you aren't Awakened, you may find more use for his SP1, as building up your Chitauri energy faster means gaining armour.

    His spotlight is here:
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    It was very fun to use his sp2 against x-force deadpool at the right timing
    Burned him dead lol
  • Spidermonkey902Spidermonkey902 Posts: 63
    I love my vulture so much he became my first r5 4* that power gain in incinerate is huge the ability to convert 50 Chitauri Energy to power drain and the random times the opponents miss an attack allowing you to smash them I once killed a nightcrawler just by dashing back and incinerate then popping a sp3 took no damage at all plus his damage is really decent especially sp2 also sp1 prevents the opponents getting to sp3 extremely useful good pull
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