No heroes [Not A Bug]

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I have been playing this game for 5months still I only have 5 3* friends who have started playingast week have 14 3*player.was it some kind of curse that you gave me.
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    Looks like you actually have to play to acquire new champs! Cant just make an account and expect them to come running into your roster.
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    Fully explore event quests, contribute to summoner advancement in an alliance for shards
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    Best way to get new champs is to do events that give premium hero crystal shards and 2 Star champions. Duplicating two star Champions gives you three star shards which will eventually add to an entire Crystal for a 3-star champion. As you dupe 3-star champions that gives you four star shards which eventually will give you a 4-star champion. The monthly and weekly calendar have been giving premium hero crystal shards on various days. Be sure to collect from your calendar on the Home page in-game every day.
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    Hey there OP. Sorry that you're having issues expanding your roster. The best ways to get new Champs are to completely explore story quests, and compete in solo and alliance events. Since this isn't a bug, I'm going to go ahead and close the thread.
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