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Tell me your experience with performance mode settings. (Samsung Users)

Recently upgraded to a Galaxy S9 from a Galaxy S7. Samsung phones got this "modes" that you can switch between, for example when watching videos, when you want to conserve battery or for gaming.

Basically what it does is change the resultion between HD (720p), FHD (1080p) and WQHD (Native resultion, like 1440p); adds Game tools for recording ingame videos and silences notifications, that type of thing. In modes for videos it has different media enhancers, but I'm asking for you Samsung users, what resultion gives you the best results in this particular game, and if Game Center hinders performance or is a nice thing to have
I've been playing around but MCoC gives me different performance at random and I can't find correlation between smooth gaming and changing resultion.

Tell me your experience with performance mode settings. (Samsung Users) 1 vote

heruheru511 1 vote


  • QueqqueeQueqquee Posts: 48
    u left out 1 more, no fps difference
  • AcuTarAAcuTarA Posts: 139
    So if changing the resultion for games does not increase the Fps then what's the point? Maybe the question is what's the native resolution of marvel contest of champions. I tend to play with battery saver turned off and the resolution at 1080p. I use game center also for recording.
  • QueqqueeQueqquee Posts: 48
    i've no idea, you gotta ask samsung that. i was using s7 and decided andriod aint cut out for mcoc and so i bought a second phone(apple).
  • QueqqueeQueqquee Posts: 48
    I was as confused as you are and seek answers like you but as far as i know there is no way u can attain permanent smooth gameplay e.g. seemingly 60fps.

    I attribute the occasional and short smoothness due to bug which the phone will detect and eventually bring it back down to 30fps.
  • AcuTarAAcuTarA Posts: 139
    edited June 2018
    My s7 had serous problems with performance, but my s9 generally performes well. I say "Generally" because some days it runs very badly, unplayable bad, but only has happened to me twice. My brother has my same phone and he runs the game without issues all the time. And about that 60 fps bug, I absolutely hate it xD it hinders my gamer performance badly and I can't even parry or intercept well, sometimes I can't even evade. I think this game needs to work well enough to enable players to execute the gameplay mechanics.
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