Red hulk no longer immune to incenerate


I used red hulk just after his update (after his beta test) against act 5.4.5 boss (Mephisto) and he was immune and a Mephisto perfect killer, i just used him again against the same boss and he's now taking damage just like before his update


  • JDunk2291JDunk2291 Posts: 374 ★★
    An incinerate debuff can be converted into heat charges but not mephistos aura damage
  • na_na_ Posts: 55
    You need 8 heat charges to reduce meph aura damage to 0.(12,5% reduction for each heat charge.)
    Build up the charges and you will be fine.
  • GrafikdevGrafikdev Posts: 35
    When i first used him against mephisto even his aura didn't made any damage but now it has changed that's why i reported it
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