A genuine question as to how to properly use the forum.

Ok, I'm trying to not break any rules here, so I'm addressing the general public (because I cannot address mods):

How are we suppose to use this forum in a way that, per Rule 15, we can facilitate conversation and concerns with the community without being "not constructive"?

If we have concerns about changes or the general direction of the game, how are we supposed to voice them?

I have seen several posts and threads be deleted with well written, non-ranty dialog on the current status quo under the violation of being non-constructive.

...and this isn't just from the recent AW changes (yes, I know Kabam reneged and brought back diversity). This happens everytime there is a questionable change that causes the players to feel slighted.

So, community... help me understand as to how I can address my concerns without it falling under "not constructive".


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