Kabam. What's up with arena?


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    Same here.
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    edited June 2018
    Ditto. I guess the overlaying issue is the "Problems connecting to network" and subsequently being kicked from the connection, but prior to this, none of my teams were able to join an arena. All teams I chose resulted in the OP's error message.

    I am no longer able to connect. It appears the game is down.
  • BttraditionBttradition Posts: 40
    Nvm game crashed 5 min later. Can't log on
  • BttraditionBttradition Posts: 40
    Update: Game has been down about an hour so far
  • Hi All!

    We are aware of the situation and our Team is currently looking into this. You can read our latest update here. We will update you once we have more information.
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